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Peugeot Ion 47kW 16kWh 5dr Auto

£143.60 per month
  • 16,737
  • Automatic
  • Full Electric
  • 0L
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Peugeot Ion 47kW 16kWh 5dr Auto FULLY ELECTRIC VEHICLE

£82.07 per month
  • 46,000
  • Automatic
  • Full Electric
  • 0L
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Used Peugeot Ion


Electric cars have come a long way in recent years. Although they have obvious limitations, there are now some serious benefits to choosing a car like the Peugeot iOn over a conventional combustion engine powered car.
The Peugeot iOn is based on the Mitsubishi i-MIEV and so it is one of the more tried and tested electric cars out there. Originally only available on an extendable 4 year lease, the iOn was given a price reduction and made generally available in 2012. 
The main limitation, as with all electric cars, is the iOn's range. On one charge you can expect a top range of about 80 miles under normal conditions. Until charging services are more readily accessible around the country this limits the car to predominately the urban/city environment. Fortunately, this is exactly the landscape the iOn is designed for.
Bang for your buck
There is not much choice when selecting an iOn; basically it comes down to the colour you want. However there is a greater range of colour options when compared to its Mitsubishi counter-part. The one model range is common amongst electric cars on offer today as they are still relatively new to the market, so don't let that put you off.
What you'll pay
Price is also an issue with the approved used Peugeot iOn. Most reviews have commented on the cost of the car. At over £20k brand new it is not likely to get much cheaper on the second-hand market. A limited amount of stock was sold for £12,999 in 2012, so the price could come down in the future.
It is worth noting you get some added bonuses with this, such as no road tax, congestion charges and if your iOn is for business use then you can claim 100% first year allowance against your tax bill.
The price of fuel is where electric cars really have the edge over their petrol thirsty relatives. At current electric prices you can expect to pay around £210 for 10,000 miles driving. Compare this with a £1700 fuel bill for a comparable 30mpg car (not forgetting the ever unpredictable cost of petrol) and the savings are obvious.
Ultimately most people choose to go electric for the green credentials and so if you are considering the iOn this is probably also something worth factoring into your decision. If the idea of driving around a car that produce's zero CO2 emissions is important to you, then this will probably mitigate the high initial cost. 
This is new technology compared to tried-and-tested petrol powered cars and so you will always pay more. It may not have the cool factor that would please a petrol head, but if you care about the environment enough this is probably not an issue for you anyway.
What to check
Generally the Peugeot iOn for sale will still be covered under warranty and Peugeot are committed to supporting people who own them as most are covered under a lease. 
The used Peugeot iOn also comes with some innovative features such as the "localised communications unit." This sim-card powered smart unit will automatically contact the emergency services in the case of an accident, giving your exact position thanks to the on board GPS. It will also bring you assistance if the iOn runs out of power. This can be very reassuring for people who are not used to driving an electric car, so you don't have to worry if the worst should happen.
Again the warranty should sort you out, we will have to wait and see how expensive the iOn's parts get in the future depending on when electric cars take off.
How it drives
Despite its limited range and high cost the Peugeot iOn is fantastic and fun at what it does best; driving in an urban environment. 
It has rear wheel drive, giving it a tight turning circle and enough power to keep up with other cars as you wind around the city streets. Despite its small size the iOn is also surprisingly comfortable for up to 4 adults.
Watching the power consumption is always going to dictate the way the iOn is driven. Going too hard on the accelerator whilst ramping up the heating or air-con will drastically reduce the miles you can get out the car. That said, if you are retired or do a very limited amount of regular and predictable driving this should not put you off. 
The Peugeot iOn is comfortable, fun to drive and cheap to run. But if you plan to drive outside of your usual route make sure you plan in advance!