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Peugeot 508 RXH 2.0 e-HDi Hybrid4 5dr EGC

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  • 140,000
  • Semi Automatic
  • Hybrid - Diesel/Electric
  • 2L
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Used Peugeot 508 Rxh


The Peugeot 508 RXH is a four-wheel drive diesel-electric hybrid car that was first released in March 2012. So far at least, there is no RXH range but just a single limited edition high spec model. A full range is planned for the future. The RXH is the most expensive Peugeot on sale in the UK. 
Bang for your buck
The 508 is stylish, sophisticated, smart and is also tough as old boots, like its ancestor, the legendary Peugeot 505. It really is a great-looking car with its triple 'lion's claw' front running lights for example.
Inside it is refined and spacious and features an innovative all-glass roof. There are multiple engine settings and the RXH presents the fun challenge of seeing if it is possible to get home using battery power alone. Climate control, a panoramic sunroof, a satellite navigation system, cruise control, ESP and half-leather trim are all included as standard. It is both longer and wider than the standard 508 SW.
The driver's seat and steering wheel position are both very adjustable and there's plenty of room for both front and rear passengers.
A four-cylinder, 2 litre 163bhp diesel engine drives the front wheels whilst the rear wheels are powered by a 37bhp electric motor. Each engine can either work alone or combine to all-wheel drive and maximum acceleration.
What you'll pay
A new Peugeot 508 RXH is about twice the price of a basic SW, starting at around £33,695. Used RXHs are holding their value extremely well and some are even being sold for more than the original asking price. The cheapest you are likely to find one for is about £25,000 but such low prices are rare and most used examples are at least £30,000.
Because of the hybrid, low-emissions engine, the RXH 508 is extremely inexpensive to tax, costing just £10 per year. It sits in insurance group 33.
What to check
Used Peugeot RXH cars for sale are pretty rare as they are a limited edition car that was only released in 2012. They are likely to have been used by families so you should check the interior carefully. There are no reported recurrent faults but then this is such a young car that we probably wouldn't expect any to have surfaced yet. That said, this is a very well-built and sturdy car and it is unlikely to turn out to be unreliable in any way.
It's hard to put exact prices on replacement parts but a new exhaust system will be around £800 and a new clutch about £300. Faults with the complicated twin-motor drive train are likely to be expensive fixes but, as previously stated, this feels like a very well-made vehicle so this shouldn't be a problem.
How it drives
The hybrid design of the 508 RXH for sale means that it gives an extremely impressive 69mpg, that's about double the mileage you might expect from such a luxurious and large four-wheel drive vehicle. Its six-speed gearbox contributes to the car's fuel economy but otherwise is nothing to write home about.
The 508 RXH will reach a top speed of 132mph.
You can choose from four different driving modes which are selected using a rotary dial situated on the middle of the console. ZEV mode will give you electric power only, providing the batteries have enough charge in them, but only for a mile or two. At the other extreme, 4WD utilises both motors and powers all four wheels. 
The other two modes are Sport and Auto and both juggle the RHX's two power sources depending on the conditions. Sport gives faster gear changes and will hold on to revs for longer, giving a sportier drive. 
In urban areas you will experience a fair amount of zero-emission driving as the system cleverly and smoothly switches between modes. 
Overall, the drive is pretty good but in electric mode the car can be sluggish when pulling away from a standstill and if you put your foot down in order to get the diesel engine to kick in, this can happen rather abruptly and with quite a bit of noise.
The approved used Peugeot RXH 508 is undoubtedly a great car, it's refined but sturdy, eco-friendly but spacious and quite fun to drive. At the moment they are expensive but better value examples should start to appear soon and will be well worth a test drive.