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Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Overland 4WD 5dr

£82.07 per month
  • 171,000
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 3L
Call the dealer:01442 902296View vehicle

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD Overland 5dr Auto

£102.62 per month
  • 131,000
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 3L
Call the dealer:01706 540119View vehicle


£668.29 per month
  • 25,000
  • Automatic
  • Not Supplied
  • 2.8L
Call the dealer:01438 518169View vehicle

Jeep Compass 1.4 Multiair 140 Limited 5dr [2WD]

  • 1
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
Call the dealer:0843 778 9214View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 2.0 M-JET LONGITUDE 5d 138 BHP 5-Door

£164.33 per month
  • 93,388
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2L
Call the dealer:0191 502 9729View vehicle

Jeep Compass 1.4 Multiair 140 S 5dr [2WD]

  • 10
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
Call the dealer:01924 589463View vehicle

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Jeep Wrangler 2.0 GME Overland 4dr Auto8

  • 10
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 2L
Call the dealer:03300298727View vehicle

Jeep Cherokee 2.2 M-JET II LIMITED 5d 197 BHP 5-Door

£277.13 per month
  • 48,000
  • Automatic
  • Diesel
  • 2.2L
Call the dealer:01283 888457View vehicle

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 Limited 4WD 5dr

£153.98 per month
  • 64,085
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 4.7L
Call the dealer:0118 217 6215View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 1.3 Turbo 4xe PHEV 190 Limited 5dr Auto

£515.96 per month
  • 2,504
  • Automatic
  • Hybrid - Petrol/Electric
  • 1.3L
Call the dealer:01223 636988View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 1.0 T3 GSE Longitude 5dr - Sat

  • 15
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1L
Call the dealer:03300379656View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 1.4 Multiair Longitude 5dr DDCT Auto

£246.50 per month
  • 48,870
  • Semi Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
Call the dealer:01606 369114View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 1.4t Multiairii Limited Suv 5dr Petrol Auto 4wd s/s 170 Ps

£287.51 per month
  • 32,001
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
Call the dealer:0843 778 5640View vehicle

Jeep Renegade 2.0 Multijet Opening Edition 5dr 4WD

£223.82 per month
  • 45,000
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2L
Call the dealer:01253 923607View vehicle

Jeep Cherokee 2.0 CRD Limited 5dr

  • 50,301
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 2L
Call the dealer:03300374278View vehicle

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Used Jeep
Explore the roads on your own terms with a used Jeep from our collection. Jeep is a pioneer of rugged, reliable vehicles that conquer all terrain, as their American-made frame increases their operational capacity. With a traditionally boxy appearance, Jeep has tried to streamline their vehicles over recent years, which has resulted in appealing designs and modern touches. You're sure to find a bargain among our range of used Jeeps for sale, as we regularly update it with the latest vehicles from across the UK. From old bargains to new surprises, there's sure to be something to suit your needs from RAC Cars.

Popular Models
The Jeep Patriot is the squared-off version of the compact Compass model. It was cheap when new, and it has held its value reasonably well since then. The interior is simple but it's surprisingly hard-wearing. What’s more, the Patriot has some impressive off-road chops. The larger Jeep Cherokee is recognisable by its square headlights. Over time, it has progressed from a full-size SUV to one of the first compact SUVs, and eventually into its current incarnation as a crossover SUV.

About Jeep
As an American brand, Jeep sells motors to customers around the globe. It is recognised in the trade for selling larger cars, such as off-road and sport utility vehicles. Established in1941, it was originally created to make vehicles for the American war effort during WW2. Their versatility and powerful nature remain in their design to this day. However, these days, there’s a modern touch to each vehicle. Jeeps are known for their reliability, and they have picked up several awards for their efforts. In 2017, the Jeep Renegade took the top spot in the 4x4 Magazine Awards. It was crowned '4x4 of the Year'. In the same awards, the Jeep Wrangler picked up an award in the ‘Hardcore’ class, while the Jeep Cherokee claimed the ‘Top-Range SUV’ category. In fact, the Cherokee – with its class, power and thrill – is now one of the most-awarded SUVs on the market.