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Infiniti Ex 3.7 V6 GT Premium AWD 5dr

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Used Infiniti Ex

A history lesson…

Infiniti is not a particularly well established brand in the UK, although it is getting a good foothold thanks to the work of parent firm Nissan and could eventually become a competitive executive and luxury marque here as it is in the US.
The Infiniti EX is a bit of dual purpose car, since it blends the functionality of a full 4WD SUV with the appealing features of an executive estate.
While it is not as durable and dynamic as something like Infiniti's FX range, it does deliver excellent levels of standard equipment and competitive pricing to keep customers interested.
The EX was debuted in 2007 at various North American events and it cut its teeth in this market, before making its first European appearance the following year.
Over in the UK you'll find two types of EX models on offer. First up there's the petrol-powered EX37, which is a powerful and well equipped compact 4WD car, with the diesel option coming in the form of the EX30d.
If you're struggling to place the Infiniti brand in the market, think of it as Nissan's equivalent to Toyota's Lexus brand. It basically produces quality Japanese cars with lots of luxury and gadgets designed to take on BMW and Mercedes-Benz in Europe.
Those looking for a used Infiniti EX for sale will find that while they're still relatively scarce in the UK, it's not impossible to pick one up.
Bang for your buck
If you wanted to be unkind about the used Infiniti EX's styling, you might suggest that it doesn't really know what it wants to be. There are hints of a hunched-up coupe lurking in its lines, but then you'll also see the influence of competitors like the Audi Q5 in its compact SUV layout.
Of course that's not to say that it's an ugly car; it's just a bit of a chimera. On the inside, things are much more cohesive and comprehensive, as long as you're a bit of a gadget geek, because Infiniti has packed every possible tech-related item available at the moment into the cabin.
As well as featuring leather trim as standard, there's electronic adjustment for just about everything and high quality plastics throughout, even in places that wouldn't normally receive so much attention.
In short you get a good deal of kit for a comparatively low asking price, particularly if you've let the first buyer take the initial hit of depreciation and you're going for something used.
The Infiniti EX37 comes with a 3.7 litre V6 petrol power plant, which is good for a 0-62mph time of 6.4 seconds and a top speed of almost 150mph. If you pick the EX30d, which has a 3.0 litre diesel engine, you'll get a slightly slower 7.9 second 0-62mph sprint, but loads more torque and a combined 33.2mpg rating that'll be easier on your wallet at the pump.
What you'll pay
Although the Infiniti EX sells for the best part of £40,000 when new, you can pretty much slash that in half if you're looking at used models released in the last three years. £20,000 or so will get you an early EX37 or EX30d, which makes them particularly competitive with equivalent European alternatives.
What to check
Infiniti is as reliable as any other Japanese-derived marque and so you won't need to worry too much about the mechanical integrity of a used EX, as long as it hasn't actually been driven off-road, so look for signs of this. Otherwise insist on a full service history and buy with confidence.
Infiniti has a pretty thorough after-care program, which is something you might want to bear in mind when you buy. Parts are priced well, although you'll find that while it may be cheaper to buy than a German equivalent, it's not necessarily going to be cheaper to run.
How it drives
Both versions of the Infiniti EX have plenty of power, although they are also burdened by all the kit onboard as well as the 4WD system, so handling isn't exactly sporty. The auto gearbox is smooth and makes the EX a relaxing drive, with the refined cabin helping to keep you feeling composed even as you're barrelling along the motorway.