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Hummer H3

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Country & Base – US - Detroit

Key Models:
  • H1
  • H2
  • H3
RAC Cars Need To Know: 
Take a military-spec M998 Humvee and turn it into a car for civilians to use on the road is a concept which many people would brand as stupid, but in 1992 that’s exactly what happened. Arnold Schwarzenegger may be one of the most famous owners of the aforementioned car, but it was in 1998, when GM bought the brand name, when the Hummer brand really started to kick into gear.
The Hummer H1, H2 and H3 were all ridiculously huge, gas-guzzling SUVs for people with either a large amount of disposable cash, a love of massive trucks or a penchant for lording over other motorists. 
The brand may now be defunct, but its legacy remains. Hummer will always be remembered for creating big, brash SUVs for those who just love big cars that were originally designed for military use. What can we say? The cars were a laugh, if nothing else!
If you want one, we would have to recommend the Hummer H3. This was the ‘smallest’ of the Hummer family and, in theory, the most usable of the lot thanks to its ‘smaller’ dimensions. Do remember, however, that any Hummer is huge. If you took a H1 out on the UK’s roads you would either struggle to make 200 yards or find a petrol station before you run out of fuel. 
The Hummer H2 is the company’s most famous export because it was featured in many hip-hop videos and was the manufacturer’s flagship model for years. If you want something that can go off-road, get yourself a Range Rover because the Hummer is not designed for such rugged endeavours. Sure, it’s big and has massive wheels, but the Hummer is more of a lifestyle SUV than capable off-roader. 
Just remember that you are going to need a fair amount of cash to run a Hummer, especially with today’s fuel prices. But if you can afford such a unique car, the chances of you seeing another one in a traffic jam is slim to none – so exclusivity is guaranteed!
The Hummer is simply a 4x4 with plenty of laughs and occasion about it. That’s it. 

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