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Honda Legend 3.5 i-VTEC V6 EX 4dr Auto

  • 125,237
  • Semi Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 3.5L
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Honda Legend 3.5 V6 4dr Auto

£102.70 per month
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  • 87,000
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 3.5L
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Honda Legend 3.5 V6 VTEC EX 4d AUTO 291 BHP 4-Door

Reduced by £500 was £5,995
£92.34 per month
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  • 67,000
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 3.5L
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Used Honda Legend

A history lesson…

Like almost all Japanese makers of excellent small cars, Honda couldn't bring itself to stop there. Larger cars mean larger profit margins and that is even more true at the executive end of the market. To make the books balance then, these manufacturers are drawn like the moth to the flame towards the executive saloon sector and there it, usually, all goes hideously wrong. Few of the lessons well learned in building small economical cars are relevant here. These big, expensive cars need style and substance alongside build quality and performance. They also need the kind of brand equity and badge presence that the Japanese marques simply do not possess. But you can't say Honda didn't try hard. The Legend first appeared in the mid 1980s as part of the unholy alliance with Rover that brought us its sister car, the Rover 800. They didn't sell, so Honda came back in 1991 with new and improved coupe and saloon models boasting cracking 3.2 litre V6 engines. These did slightly better than the MK3 models which debuted in 1996 before sloping off in 2004. The world wasn't holding its breath then when the MK4 arrived in 2006. 
Bang for your buck
The used Honda Legend is pleasant enough to look at, but of course that does not quite cut it at this level. The German opposition of Mercedes, BMW and Audi all have more road presence and badge appeal. The Legend also depreciates faster than those cars and that can make it a lot more sensible as a second hand purchase. The MK4 Legend is simple to buy because there is only one engine, the 3.5 litre V6. Similarly there is only one gearbox, the five speed sequential automatic. So at least you won't be baffled by endless variants. If you are after options, the SH-AWD model has clever gizmos that stop you going too near to the car in front when in cruise control. It also senses when you are in danger of a front-end impact and brakes accordingly and has sensors that stop you drifting out of your lane on the motorway. Elsewhere the equipment and trim levels are suitably epic. You have everything you could possibly want in this car and quite a lot of stuff you will probably never get around to using. A big selling point is Honda's bullet proof build quality which is reflected in the three year, 90,000 mile warranty. 
What you'll pay
Even with all this going for it the Legend was never a very successful car and that makes for excellent second hand deals. You should look to pay around £14,000 for a 2006 car, £15,000 for a 2007 model or £16,000 for a 2008 example. These figures are based on average mileages of 10,000 to 12,000 a year. This is luxury S-class Mercedes motoring at very reasonable prices.
What to check
All that SH-AWD all wheel drive system, twin electromagnetic computer controlled clutches, plus flappy-paddle sequential gearbox and computer controlled gubbins mean that this is a complicated car. So look for a full Honda service history. That said, complaints on this car are few and far between so with a bit of care you should be on solid ground with a used Honda Legend.
Prices are not too bad, with a catalytic converter at £300, front brake discs and pads going for £105 and rears at £35. An air filter is about £25 and a starter motor £175.
How it drives
More clever computers mean that power is delivered to each of the four wheels according to which needs it most. The 3.5 litre V6 delivers 295bhp and takes what is an admittedly heavy car to 60mph in around seven seconds with 100mph arriving in less than 20 seconds. The car is as smooth and refined as you might expect and all the electronic control systems mean that handling is as sure footed as is possible. It is almost impossible to lose control of this car. The automatic gearbox can be a bit slow at deciding which gear you should be in but this is easily overcome by using the flappy-paddles to let all those electronic gizmos know exactly who the boss is in this executive saloon.