Used Fiat Stilo cars for sale currently have 5 used Fiat Stilo cars for sale

Fiat Stilo 1.4 16v Blue 3dr

  • 80,331
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
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Fiat Stilo 2.4 20V Abarth FSH Bucket Seat Polybushed Cam belt 3-Door

£120.90 per month
  • 70,000
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 2.4L
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Fiat Stilo 1.4 16V Active 5dr [AC]

  • 80,078
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.4L
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Fiat Stilo 2.4 Abarth 3dr

  • 76,000
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 2.4L
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Fiat Stilo 1.9 JTD Active 5dr [AC]

  • 97,778
  • Manual
  • Diesel
  • 1.9L
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Used Fiat Stilo


The British car buying public seem not quite to have caught up with the changes in Fiat over the years. Phrases such as 'failure in automobile technology' are frankly out of date, with the modern day Fiat producing some nicely designed, reliable and very practical cars. However this lack of imagination on the part of the average buyer could work in favour of those prepared to be a little more farsighted, with decent used Fiats now reaching the market in reasonable numbers and at attractive prices, yet so far going almost unnoticed.

The Fiat Stilo is a prime example of how far the brand has come. After a rather poor showing from the Fiat Bravo and Brava against the likes of Ford's Focus and the Vauxhall Astra, the approved used Fiat Stilo was introduced in 2001 at a quality level putting in on an even footing with VW and Toyota, with some cosmetic, engine and trim revisions in 2004. However it received merely a lukewarm welcome and never really managed to struggle out from under the shadow of past failures so, in 2007, it was replaced by the return of an all new Bravo.

Bang for your buck

Although the Fiat Stilo's looks were not to everyone's taste, it took advantage of an era of lightning progress in automobile interiors design, making even decade old luxury cars look out of date by comparison. In terms of fit and finish, the used Fiat Stilo is unimpeachable for a car of its class.

The three and five-door models look substantially different despite sharing a chassis. The five-door possessing a significantly larger bodyshell with a higher driving position and a so called 'Sky Window' – a full length sunroof – giving an impressively airy and spacious feel to the cabin. It also incorporates clever touches usually seen in MPVs, such as sliding and reclining rear seats, folding tray tables and lots of practical storage cubbyholes.

By contrast the three-door used Fiat Stilo is a far more hawkish proposition. The driving position is low and the styling funkier, to attract a younger crowd than its more sensible brother. At the other end of the scale, a Stilo Multiwagon was also on offer, in effect an estate version with bags of space.

What you'll pay

A 1.2-litre second hand Fiat Stilo Active three-door starts at £1,900 with a 2001 plate. Five-door models are generally a bit cheaper than three-door on the used market. The 1.6-litre models aren't much more expensive, making them a bit of a bargain. Sportier drivers should look for a 1.8 Dynamic at about £2,000 or a punchy 2.4-litre Abarth from £2,500. Diesels can be found for £2,100 for the 80bhp Active on a 2001 plate although the 115bhp is a worthy buy for only £100 extra.

What to check

Despite Fiat's unjustly recurring reputation, there are no known faults with the Stilo. The finish is good, as are the engines but the car itself may have been slightly let down by lacklustre after sales service from some dealers.


You're looking at £145 for a clutch assembly and £95 for an alternator, with a starter motor at about £130. Front brake pads are £40, rear £55 and a headlight unit the best part of £175.

How it drives

The used Fiat Stilo for sale looks bigger than others in its class but don't be fooled. This is just design trickery, but nonetheless pleasing. Its 80bhp 1.2 litre 16v engine may sound underwhelming but more than measures up to equivalent offerings by the Ford Focus at 74bhp with 1.4 litres, plus Golf and Peugeot's 307with 75bhp at 1.4. It's a sparky little creature with the typical Italian fun factor – 13.4 seconds will take you from standing to 60mph, on the way to a top speed of 106mph.

Go for the 2.4 litre Abarth and you'll really start to enjoy yourself, with almost 170bhp to play with. It's not all style over substance, with the diesels giving nice fuel economy figures and a large tank allowing convenient, long gaps between top ups.

Grip and brakes have received high praise, while suspension and six speed gearboxes have provoked more mixed reactions, but in general it's well worth opening your mind a little if you're looking at the small family car market, as the Fiat Stilo's quality and ride are right up there with competitors but with more tempting prices.