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Ferrari 430 4.3 SPIDER 2d 479 BHP 2-Door

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Second-Hand Ferrari 430

Used Ferrari 430
The Ferrari 430 was released in 2005 as a replacement for the Ferrari 360 which was starting to be overtaken by its competitors. The 430 features a 4308cc engine and like the 360, a flat-plane crankshaft resulting in the maximum power of 483bhp being generated at 8500rpm. All those revs mean that the Ferrari 430 is one of the best sounding cars in the world. Ferrari learnt from their previous mistakes and got the 430s weight right down, giving it a power to weight ratio of around 333bhp per tonne. See both the coupe and the convertible versions in the range of used Ferrari 430s for sale at RAC Cars.

What You Get
The Ferrari 430 features a lightweight aluminium chassis and alloy body panels. Ceramic carbon brakes were optional and will add to the value of used examples. The interior of the F430 is much improved from the 360, for example, the dynamic settings can be controlled with a knob on the steering wheel as in Ferrari’s F1 cars. Setting includes a ‘winter’ option as well as ‘race’ and ‘sport’. Also, on the steering wheel is an ‘engine start’ button. The fascia trims are real leather and the pedals are beautifully finished alloy masterpieces. Much of its aerodynamic features are found underneath the car such as the flat undertray. The rear diffuser does a good job of keeping the car on the road. Other details include monogrammed rear mirrors and stunning alloy wheels.

How it Drives
Like Ferrari’s F1 cars, the Ferrari 430 features a mid-engined rear-wheel drive layout in contrast to its main rivals. This car uses E-Diff, an active limited differential which monitors wheel slip, driver inputs and many more factors, in order to deploy power to the rear wheel in the best position to use it. 0-60mph can be achieved in less than four seconds and the maximum speed is over 196mph. Ferrari hasn’t chased every last bhp in the design of the Ferrari 430, concentrating instead on making sure it handles as well as it accelerates.