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Daihatsu Sportrak 1.6 ELXi 3dr

  • 47,000
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.6L
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Daihatsu Sportrak Xi 3-Door

£82.07 per month
  • 104,000
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 1.6L
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Used Daihatsu Sportrak

A history lesson…

The Daihatsu Sportrak was a basic and low cost 4x4 which arrived in the UK in 1989. Positioned as an affordable alternative to big ticket off-roaders, it provided four wheel drive functionality to those who needed it but could do without the posh badges of the more premium motors. The early cars offered a choice of a three door soft top DX with a removable roof on a short wheelbase, or the EL station wagon format with detachable rear hard top and sunroof panel. Both of these cars were powered by the same 16-valve 1.6 petrol engine. Ride and trim levels were both somewhat utilitarian until 1990 when the introduction of a slightly more sophisticated 1.6 EFi engine, with fuel-injection, catalyst and power steering improved the hair-shirt Sportrak just a little. As the years rolled on Daihatsu kept upping the spec and the Sportrak became a little more like the other lifestyle off-roaders on the market.
Bang for your buck
As mentioned above, those early models offered strictly no-frills 4x4 motoring. In later years the used Daihatsu Sportrak was tamed a little and given a facelift that included tough looking flared wheel arches, chunky bumpers and a restyled front grille. Equipment levels were boosted with the introduction of such exotica as split/folding rear seat, electric windows, alloy wheels, central locking, removable sunroof and a decent stereo. Some other useful additions were an immobiliser security system, internal fuel flap and tailgate releases and remote control mirrors. An options list included leather seats, CD player and metallic paint. All were powered by that same 1.6 litre engine. It is a general rule of thumb when you are looking for a Sportrak that, if it is comfort you're after, a later model will provide that bit more of the creature comforts you might be used to on more recent motors.
What you'll pay
The second hand Daihatsu Sportrak is a venerable old beast these days and some of the earlier models are available at bargain basement prices. The proliferation of competitors and the fact that the Sportrak is long since discontinued have also depressed prices. A post 1992 model with the later fuel injection engine is a good place to start and will cost around £500 for the 1.6 ELi Estate. To get those better specs you're going to need a later model though but a 1996 N plate EXi will still only cost around £1,100 and a top spec ELXi of the same vintage will set you back around £1,900. On the final models, expect to pay close to £2,000 for a 1998/R Xi-SE or up to £2,700 for a tidy ELXi.
What to check
These cars were well built and fairly simple machines but they are aging now with the most recent models being 15 years old. Many will have experienced a lot of tough off-road driving during their lives and the Sportrak was never quite as rugged an off-roader as it looked. Check then for underside damage and look for suspension and steering problems. The engines could be unreliable if not properly serviced, so try to get one with as many service stamps as possible. Finally, later Xi models had no rear seat, so do have a look in the back if you intend carrying passengers.
Parts prices are low for a 4x4 and with the car being a bit vintage you should be able to pick up plenty of scrap yard bargains. Elsewhere a clutch assembly for a 1996 1.6 ELXi will grab £165 of your hard-earned and shocks at the front and rear will cost around £50. Brake pads are £53 for the front and £42 for the rear while a tail lamp costs £50. A headlamp will see off £63 and a new alternator is around £290.
How it drives
The ride on early models is particularly harsh and will provide a challenge on longer journeys or twisting roads but later models got upgraded suspension and that improved their manners on the tarmac. The 94bhp fuel injected alloy 1.6 petrol engine which was used on all cars is capable enough and gives the Sportrak quite a nippy feel. On the dirt, the Sportrak was never what you would call a serious off-roader but it performs adequately and its selectable four wheel drive makes it more flexible on normal roads.