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Bristol 400 400 2 Litre - The Best Example in Existence

£2,338.83 per month
  • 26,424
  • Manual
  • Petrol
  • 2L
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Bristol 400 400 Coupe

£1,159.69 per month
  • 18,792
  • Manual
  • Not Supplied
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Used Bristol

Country & Base – UK - Bristol

Key Models:

  • Fighter
  • Blenheim 
  • Series 6

RAC Cars Need To Know: 

Ask most people about Bristol cars and you’ll probably end up with a response like “never heard of them”. The problem is Bristol cars have been around for donkey’s years but they were and still are a seriously niche, low-production type of company. There are no official stats, but rumours are that Bristol makes just 20 cars per year – many of which will go to the company’s loyal fan-base.

So, what type of manufacturer is Bristol? Well, it’s based in Bristol – hence the name – and it was founded in just after the war ended in 1945. The company has never produced cars in great numbers; preferring to keep volume low to ensure quality for each car made. Its most popular cars would be the Fighter, which is a low-slung supercar; the Blenheim, which looks like an old saloon; and the Series 6, which is quite a good looking coupe.

The Bristol Fighter is the company’s most modern car, and after it launched in 2004 the company gained high praise for its low drag, higher power and ‘bespoke’ feel. Utilising a seriously powerful Dodge Viper V10, Bristol offered three power outputs for the Fighter. The ‘basic’ Fighter came with a handy 525bhp – which could propel the car to 210mph. For those who couldn’t bear to put up with such a low amount of horses, there was the Fighter S, which came with McLaren F1-rivalling 628bhp. And then, for the clinically insane, there was the Fighter T, with a frankly incredible 1,012bhp, which resulted in a top speed of 225bhp.

So, the Fighter has plenty of power; but should you actually buy a Bristol? Well, yes. If you can find one in good nick, with a decent service history then you would be daft to say no. You definitely won’t see one in your local town, so you are guaranteed of exclusivity. 

Just remember that you’re buying a bespoke car. If things go wrong, it could be a very expensive fix.