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Bentley Brooklands

TURBO Auto 4-Door

£317.30 per month
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  • 63,000
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 6.8L
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Bentley Brooklands

6.8 4dr (LWB) Auto

£287.10 per month
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  • 78,000
  • Automatic
  • Petrol
  • 6.8L
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Used Bentley Brooklands

A history lesson…

Isn’t she pretty? Yes, yes she is. The Bentley Brooklands may still stick with the basic Bentley philosophy of make big and add dead cow, but it’s a formulae that works. Even with a similar looking body, the Brooklands just exudes cool and up-most exclusivity. Originally unveiled at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the Brooklands stunned the audience with a coupe-style body and brutish good looks.

Just 550 Brooklands will be built, meaning if it’s exclusivity you want, then this is your luxury barge. And while it may be as big as a cross-channel ferry and as pompous as Simon Cowell after grabbing another number 1, it’s still one of the most pukka cars on the road.

Bang for your buck

For £240,000, you’d expect quite a bit of luxury, kit, technology, power and occasion, and thankfully, the Brooklands doesn’t disappoint. It’s as well-built and as luxurious as any car ever made before it. Everything from the wood, leather, smell, stitching and feel has been considered and then re-considered to make sure it’s as superlative as possible.

The massive grill stands as a centre-piece for the Brooklands, along with its impressive 6.75-litre V8, which has, in one way or another, been in production since 1959. And yet, the massive old warhorse is now pumping out 530bhp, which should be plenty to keep you going sideways on the A49.

What you’ll pay

As mentioned above, the Brooklands is a new car, so prices from the £240,000 list price haven’t really dropped that much, thanks to its rarity and exclusivity. It’s a hell of a lot of money for what is basically just a big lump of metal with chairs, but it is a Bentley with a 530bhp V8, so if you want to be a Bentley Boy, it can make sense.

What to check

Bentley’s are fairly bulletproof these days – thanks mostly due to VW’s ownership – and you will probably have a pleasurable ownership. But if you are buying used, probably best to check those massive alloy wheels and the state of the engine, as if either of these components become damaged, you’re talking thousands to put right.

Likewise the beautiful paintwork and condition of those leather seats.


If it’s Bentley, it’s dear; if it’s VW, it’s affordable. That’s the basic ethos to have with replacement parts of the Brooklands. If something is going to break, pray that it is a VW-sourced part, as you will probably have to re-mortgage to afford a Bentley part.

How it drives

This is where the ultimate Bentley comes into play, as it’s as superlative to drive as it is to look at. The supreme quietness coupled with the grunt of the 530bhp V8 is a pretty unbeatable combination; like a left then right hook from Floyd Mayweather. It’s a car that you can want to drive; a car that you will look forward to driving on a Sunday.

The grip is epic, and while it’s not a sports car, it’s still a hoot to drive, purely because of that Aston Martin DBS power figure and biblical exhaust note.

It’s bloody expensive, perhaps a little vulgour and definitely upper-class, but if you want epic power reserves and more luxury than two Maybachs combined, the Brooklands is your motor.

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