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You arrive at the car dealership, where you are greeted in a friendly manner. The dealer asks you about your preferences and your price limit. Then, the dealer starts to show some of the recommended cars for you.

You arrive at the first car and notice that the 13 year old car the dealer is showing you has a very low mileage recorded and the dealer says that is because it has had only one previous owner.

Do you:



After looking at some more cars you arrive at a 2003 Ford Fiesta and notice that this would be a suitable car for you and thus you ask for the dealers’ price.

The dealer quotes the price of the Ford Fiesta at £1,500, however, you’ve previously been made aware that it would cost you around £1,000. This car has recently been serviced, though.

Do you:

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You begin to have a flowing conversation with the dealer and start thinking about whether you should buy this car or not. The dealer then makes you aware that the tax has expired for this car.

Do you:



You have arrived at the end of the dealers tour of the particular used car you’re looking at and now that all of your main questions are cleared up, you are really excited to test drive the car.

Unfortunately, you see that you have forgotten your driver's licence.

Do you:

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As you are unable to drive the car at the moment, you start to examine the car by yourself in more depth and you notice when looking around the car that the front brakes look very rusty.

Do you:



Next, you want to take a look at the exhaust pipe and therefore ask the dealer to start the engine.

When the car is started, you notice the smoke behind the car is a blue/grey colour.

Does this mean:

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You aim to look at every part of the car in-depth because you don’t want to miss any defects the car could have. Whilst looking around the car, you notice that the two Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on the front dashboard and inside the car door are different.

Do you:



On your way around the car you also notice above the boot that the shade of paint differs very slightly between the front and rear ends of the car.

Do you:

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You have inspected most of the car and reviewed the maintenance documentation but as yet the dealer has not shown you the engine bay.

Do you:



Now that you’ve seen everything, you want to drive the car yourself, so you go back home and return with your driving licence.

You then take the car for a test drive and notice that the car veers to one side a lot.

Do you:

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Your answer was

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