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Your Car In The Afterlife

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There comes a point when cars, like pets, tell you they don't want to go on anymore. You may have patched it up and dragged it kicking and screaming into old age but sometimes euthanasia is the kindest treatment. When you can't keep your old banger going another day, what are your options? Is there any way you can salvage a little dignity - and cash - from the proceedings?

Selling for scrap

Licensed scrap yards can legally and safely dispose of your car and will give you a nominal fee for it. They can be found countrywide but do make sure they have a local authority issued scrap metal dealer and motor dismantler's licence, to make sure the process is as environmentally friendly and as safe as possible. A good scrap metal merchant will not only collect the car from your home address if you can't drive it there and will even inform the DVLA and provide you with the certification you need, to prove the car has been destroyed.

You won't receive much money for your car this way but it is a quick and easy way to get it out of the way.

Strip it for parts

This method of disposing of your old car can make you some money but takes quite a lot of time and commitment. The success of this scheme largely depends on how desirable your car parts are. Parts for Fords, for example, tend to be cheap and plentiful anyway, so demand will be low, but for vehicles where parts are thin on the ground, you're likely to make some good money.

Ebay is a popular channel for the disposal of old car parts with a huge pool of buyers at your fingertips. It's also an ideal venue for research on what sort of prices you should expect. Browsing the existing sales list will show what's selling well and what's difficult to shift, and how much people are prepared to pay.

If you choose to strip your car down you will, of course, need a suitable location to do the work, such as a good sized garage or workshop, with space to store the parts and the correct tools for the job. You will also need to work out which parts can sell and which are duds, which you will then also need to dispose of yourself.

There are those who make a living out of doing this and make it seem easy, but there are others who complain of being stuck with parts which don't sell for months at a time.

Make a metal work of art

If you're the creative type, your car and its old parts can be an artistic treasure trove. Look online for a bit of inspiration and you'll find the front ends of Minis and Beetles which have been made into barbecues, Mustangs have become pool tables, the front of VW camper vans have been made into fridges and much more.

On a smaller scale, a bit of amateur welding could result in some rather avant garde sculpture from various other parts, which exhibit a kind of industrial beauty. Seriously, people have made good money out of less...

Again, you'll need a workshop of some kind, some rudimentary tools and either some skill in metalwork or enough enthusiasm to overcome your lack of ability - or a friend who does know what they're doing! If this isn't quite your cup of tea but you like the idea of creating gold out of base metal, contact local artists who work in this sort of medium, to see if they want any of your old car parts or some scrap metal. They're unlikely to give you much money for it but you can bask in the warm glow of artistic endeavour.

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