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Your Bad Driving Habits

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Do you remember 'mirror, signal, manoeuvre?` The mantra is drummed into you by your instructor and then as soon as you're let loose with your own licence, you do your best to forget about it. Drivers develop a number of bad habits once out of driving school. Are you guilty of these?


When you are driving, that's all you should be doing, not using your car as an office, dining room or dressing table. Using a mobile phone, eating and drinking and applying make-up at the wheel are all big no-nos. We should, of course, all know this already, but government statistics suggest that using a mobile phone while driving is still a common offence.

Not Queuing

Surely queuing is a traditional British talent? Apparently, our good manners go out of the window once we get behind the wheel as we fail to merge neatly and in turn, either moving over way too early and clogging up the inside lane or gunning it down the outside, to pass as many cars as possible and cut in late.


We all do it to a greater or lesser degree, but it's becoming more and more likely that you'll get caught. Furthermore, the increasing price of fuel makes speeding an even more expensive pastime, so slow down, relax and try to enjoy the scenery a little. The world won't come to an end if you arrive at your destination all of three minutes later.

Abusing DRLs

Daytime running lights do what it says on the tin, so don't try using them at night-time. When the sun goes down, you need proper head and tail lights, not only so that you can see the road but so that other drivers can see you.


Driving too close to the car in front will not make granny put her foot down to relieve your frustration, it will just annoy her. It's also dangerous.

Middle Lane Hogging

It's not the fast lane, medium lane and slow lane, it's the inside lane, middle lane and outside lane. No matter how fast you are driving, you keep to the left unless you are overtaking. If you hog the middle lane because you are too nervous to cross over, then you should think about some extra driving lessons to improve your confidence on the motorway.

Neglecting The Air Con

You can and should use your air conditioning in the winter for fast demisting as well as to cool down in summer. Using the air con at least once a month will also help to keep it in working order.

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