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YouGov Profiles UK Motoring Enthusiasts

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Market research firm, YouGov, has launched a new app that claims to profile demographic groups, to assist companies with targeting their marketing. Its latest insight is the typical UK motoring enthusiast, with conclusions drawn from polling a database of 200,000 internet users, 14,082 of whom claim to be interested in cars and motoring.

Apparently, the average car fan is male, lives on the South Coast and likes a bit of AC//DC on the stereo while he's cruising in his BMW. Usually aged over 60, he falls within social group C2DE, is a Daily Telegraph reader and an engineer and supports UKIP, believing it represents the views of the average Briton.

While this car fan claims to be a confident leader, he also admits to grumpiness, arrogance and intolerance on occasions. Our YouGov archetype buys his groceries at Asda, wears Adidas, banks with First Direct, fills up his car at Shell and enjoys a day out at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In his leisure time, he also enjoys a bit of television, specifically 'Top Gear,' 'Speed with Guy Martin' and Formula 1, and he reads Auto Express magazine. Unsurprisingly, Jeremy Clarkson is a favourite celebrity. Apart from motorsports, he is also interested in boxing, finance, computers and technology and his preferred satellite navigation device is a TomTom.

Our man is a dog lover and unlikely to own a cat, is happy to indulge in a bit of DIY and model building at the weekend, and enjoys a fry up for breakfast. You're least likely to find him living in London or Central Scotland. The motoring fan has £1,000 or more to spend every month after living expenses - which is fortunate, as cars can be an expensive hobby...

The app can even describe the average BMW driver, who buys his shopping at Waitrose, his clothes at Hugo Boss and likes to tuck into pan fried scallops for dinner. By contrast, the average Kia owner is elderly and from Northern Scotland. She used to be a teacher and is a fan of Nigella Lawson.

If, on the other hand, you are aged between 40 and 59, your favourite sport is skiing, you read The Guardian and own a fish as a pet, like to eat organic and listen to The Smiths, then according to the app you must be a cyclist...

YouGov is keen to clarify that the app is representing the quintessential rather than the average member of any particular group profiled.

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