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You Are What You Drive?

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YouGov's Profiler tool is designed to help brands target advertising by identifying the characteristics of certain car drivers. The system's results are a bit more sophisticated than 'Mondeo Man' or 'hairdresser's car', but they are pretty definitive - and entertaining - in their categorisations of various car drivers.


According to the Profiler, if you drive a Volkswagen you are likely to hold centrist political views, do your shopping at John Lewis and Waitrose and listen to alternative rock. The average VW owner is a 40-59 year old male living in Wales. His profession comes under the vague title of 'business' and he likes to watch a bit of rugby union at the weekend - that is when he's not enjoying a trekking or hiking session.


The average Vauxhall driver is also a 40-59 year old male but this time he lives in East Anglia. He banks with Lloyds, works at something 'home and garden' and likes to pass his time walking his dog and watching football. He also likes to do a bit of DIY at the weekend, in between shopping trips to Asda.


Sunday morning church services are apparently populated with Toyota owners aged 60 and over, who go home to enjoy a fillet steak for lunch, bought at Waitrose. They mostly live on the South coast and, after a career in medicine or healthcare, like to enjoy a bit of gardening, touring car racing and James Bond film watching.


Male over 60s in Northern Scotland prefer to drive a Skoda, which they keep in an untidy state - probably because they use it to transport the dog they are likely to own. They like to tuck in to a bowl of Cullen Skink soup while reading the Daily Telegraph, then pass the afternoon sailing, trekking or hiking. They used to work in the military and defence professions and do the shopping at the Co-op.


Finally we find some female drivers, in the form of 40-59 year old Renault owners. The hilarious stereotype paints them as ‘Take That’ loving, cat owning Francophiles, who live in East Anglia and work in education. Weekends are spent cycling or doing DIY, after a big shopping session at Aldi.


Mini's marketing is spot on, as its owners are part of a younger, funkier demographic. They are women aged 25-39 who live in London and work in advertising. Their interests include design, fashion, tennis and exercising, but they also tend to own cats. They'll bring home cheesecake from their favourite shop, Waitrose, while sitting down to watch a 'Lost' boxset.

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