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Wraps off the BMW Concept X2

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BMW X2 Concept

The new BMW SUV will offer a smaller, cheaper and more practical alternative to the X6 and X4.

The BMW Concept X2 is a sportier take on the X1, just as the X6 added extra sportiness to the X5 and the X4 did the same for the X3. According to Adrian van Hooydonk, the senior vice president at BMW, the X2 is aimed at an audience that wants a combination of ‘practicality’ and ‘enjoyment’.

Van Hooydonk claims that the new BMW concept shows off an exciting and new side to the BMW brand in the compact market. This is despite it sharing the same platform as the X1, together with the Mini Countryman and 2-Series GT. It is also likely to be offered with the same 2.0-litre diesel and petrol offerings as the X2 in a variety of power outputs.

The muscular lines, the big air intakes and the large grille suggest that a hotter BMW X2 could be on the cards, although nothing has been confirmed. This would, however, complement the styling and back up BMW’s continual talk of its sporting philosophy.

Straight from the BMW designer’s mouth

Karim Habib, the chief designer at BMW, said that the Concept X2 combines an X model’s robust construction with a coupe’s low-slung proportions and quick-moving body language.

The production version of the X2, which will have the same outline but without the indulgences of a concept, should hit the roads in 2018 and showrooms by the end of 2017. The X2 shown off at the Paris motor show looked very near to production, with the inclusion of ordinary door mirrors and the removal of the 21-inch alloys.

The new BMW concept has the cachet of the X6/X4 but is set to be more affordable. It is also smaller but boasts a significant range of modern features, from the ever-slimmer lights which have been shrunk down by laser and LED technology to the deepest air apertures seen on a small BMW for a long time.

Athleticism earns its sportier badge

The even-numbered badge is earned through its low-roofed athleticism, highlighting the X2’s sportier crossover aims. BMW now keeps its even numbers for its sportier SUVs such as the X4 and the X6, whilst using the odd digits for the upright, family-friendly models such as the X1, the X3 and the X5.

The look of the X2 is defined by plastic cladding normally reserved for off-roaders, whilst the C-pillar’s BMW roundel points back to the 1970’s legendary M1 supercar.

Beneath the skin of the BMW Concept X2

BMW hasn’t released full technical details of the X2 as yet but it is assumed that it will feature the hardware found in all of the manufacturer’s small cars. This should include four- or front-wheel drive in the production models and transverse engines.

The model on show at Paris has blacked out windows, indicating its showcasing as a design study only. There is no doubt, however, that it is an expansion of BMW’s range of Sports Activity Coupes and should slot in between the X1 and the X3.

It is the third of BMW’s Sports Activity Coupes to be revealed and follows on from the larger X4 and X6, although it does offer a more practical look with its raked tailgate as opposed to the hatchback rears displayed on the X4 or X6.

From the back, the X2 displays a central BMW badge sandwiched by its slender tail-lights and its number plate is set within the bumper in a similar way to those on the 1 Series hatch.

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