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Would you really want a supercar?

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A supercar is the Holy Grail of most petrol heads, but owning one isn't all fun and games.

Supercars look good, sound incredible and - most importantly of all - are amazing to drive. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis and McLarens are the stuff of posters on boys' bedroom walls, and the first choice for recently signed Premiership football players and lottery winners. These are the cars of dreams. However the reality can be a little different...

You can't get over speed bumps

The laws of aerodynamics mean that the average supercar sits closer to the ground than most lizards. This means that not only are they useless around towns with speed calming measures but that Britain's famous potholes could potentially cause thousands of pounds of damage on every outing. And you can forget underground parking ramps. It's not a lot of fun crawling around in first all the time, holding your breath as you try to negotiate Britain's crumbling road network, never mind the difficulty of getting onto your own driveway.

You could be a danger to yourself and others

Where in the UK are you likely to be able to exploit 600 plus horsepower? Unless you're on a track day, nowhere. A foot down experiment is fraught with danger - not only to your licence but unless you have the driving skills of The Stig it's also very easy indeed to lose control of these freakishly powerful cars. Don't be fooled by the illusion of sedateness that comes from a quiet cabin and only using your right foot gently, because it's easy to lose track of your speed. The whole experience can also be pretty depressing, like having Superman's powers and never being able to access them. You've paid a fortune for mega horsepower and spend most of your time stuck in traffic.

They cost a fortune

For the most modest of supercars, you're still looking at £100,000 plus. Even if you can afford to buy one, can you afford to keep it on the road? Any small knocks and scrapes cost the equivalent of a small family hatchback to repair, while servicing and maintenance charges could propel you into an emotional breakdown. It can also take weeks or even months at a specialist dealer to get anything done.

Supercar speed doesn't necessarily mean comfort

Plush saloons are designed to cosset the driver and passengers. Supercars are designed to go very fast, and that's not always very comfortable. The necessity of low lying, hard carbon fibre seats doesn't facilitate easy access. And your spine won't thank you for the rock hard sports suspension which means that it feels as though you're being hit by a sledgehammer for every little lump and bump on the road surface. Don't even consider trying to drink a coffee on your morning commute, even if you are lucky enough to find a supercar with a cup holder, because it will spill all over that expensive upholstery.

Everyone knows where you are

Supercars are by nature pretty rare on the road, unless Knightsbridge is your usual hangout. That means you'll draw attention everywhere you go. Whether you're at the supermarket, the doctor or visiting your grandmother in her nursing home, people will point at you and want to ask you about your car, and your every move will be obvious. There will be no more privacy.

People make assumptions

They assume you bought the car to assuage a raging mid-life crisis, or that you're trying to make up for some kind of inadequacy. They might even assume you are competitive and boorish, and everyone will want to race you at the lights. Sometimes you might even find yourself living up to the arrogant playboy image, just to avoid causing disappointment.

So, do you still want one? Of course you do!

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