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Why we Love Kimi Räikkönen

By raccars Published

Kimi Räikkönen returned to F1 for the 2012 season in hope of securing his place among the world’s elite top drivers once again after a few years trying his hand at rallying. The return of the Iceman prompted a large amount of media interest, along with a hell of a lot of excitement for the fans of F1, thanks primarily to Kimi’s love of being hilarious.

Most, if not all, F1 drivers are PR-trained robots who only say the right things with a lovely smile through gritted teeth. Kimi, however, doesn’t subscribe to this ideology. He doesn’t give a damn what you think, what sponsors think, or what the team thinks; he’s going to say what he wants, when he wants – and, more often than not, what he says is hilarious.

Take last weekend at Abu Dhabi, for instance; Kimi was leading the race, doing a great job, when his race engineer told him to keep his tyres warm – this didn’t please him one bit.

His response is just world class.

Congratulations on your first win of the season, Kimi; we’ll look forward to many more moments like this next year.

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