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Why 2014 Was The Best Year For Car Manufacturers For Some Time

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Some manufacturers had a great 2014, others will be welcoming 2015 with a sigh of relief. Which brands made the most of the year's new car sales boom?


The French firm shone last year with some interesting and stylish new models and a 2014 European Car of the Year title for the 308. The company is starting 2015 with a very fresh looking line up and expecting great things.


It's all going well for Peugeot's corporate stablemate Citroen, too. 2014's C4 Cactus was one of the funkiest and most interesting new cars the industry has seen in a long time, while the Grand C4 Picasso is ruling the seven-seat MPV roost. The future looks bright.


Barely a brand as yet, Citroen has bravely released its DS sub-brand to become a stand alone company. Taking its cue from the excellent DS3, the DS name promises stylish, modern and accomplished motoring, with three new models in the works.


The Japanese firm pulled off quite a coup at the beginning of 2014 by making its market conquering Qashqai even better for the next generation. Other well thought out new releases include an updated X-Trail and a return to five door hatchback territory with a new Pulsar. In the meantime, the Nismo line continues to excite. Keep doing what you're doing, Nissan...


The German firm exploded this year, with a stellar compact SUV in the Macan and updated versions of the Cayenne, Cayman and 911. Can it top that lot in 2015?


Its Model S has almost single handedly revolutionised the electric car market, proving that clean and green can also equal performance, luxury and affordability. It's never easy for young brands in the super competitive market but, with new models in the pipeline, it's looking promising for Tesla.


Possibly the most exciting brand of the year, the F-Type Coupe left the market open mouthed in amazement. 2015 should, hopefully, see the same reaction for the new XE, a compact saloon to challenge the mighty BMW 3 Series.


The Japanese firm has been quietly building an impressive roster of vehicles but it's hard to see past the excellent Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi is changing the face of eco motoring by putting its plug-in hybrid SUV on level pricing ground with the diesel version. Genius.


Its line up is starting to look a bit unwieldy, but the German firm has played to its strengths this year with a number of seriously great sports cars and the ground breaking i8, a genuinely exciting electric sports car.

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