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Who Irritates You More Than Middle Lane Hoggers?

By raccars Published

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After the first UK conviction of a driver for 'middle lane hogging,' what bad road manners do you find most irritating?


Those ghouls, whose curiosity triumphs over their common sense and decency when passing an accident, slow down traffic far behind them. Even worse are those tasteless enough to take pictures of others' misery and post them on Facebook - what's the point? It's not only crass, it's illegal. Unless you are genuinely in a position to stop and help at the scene of an accident, mind your own business and continue moving at a reasonable speed.

Over loud exhausts

You may think your booming exhaust sounds very impressive, as you leave a trail of barking dogs and wailing babies behind you. Everyone else thinks you're desperately trying to make up for a deficiency of some kind. If you really must enjoy the authentic engine sound, do it on a track day, rather than ruining the peace and quiet of suburban avenues. Bear in mind that making modifications that increase noise from your exhaust is not only inconsiderate, it's an offence and police can penalise you.

Frustrated DJs

Turning your clapped out Fiesta into a nightclub on wheels is not cool. Passers by do not want to be molested by your banging tunes. If you must rock out while driving, save your Ali G impression for the motorway.

Traffic light yobs

There's a whole list of traffic light behaviour which could be deemed undesirable, from the woman who was caught tucking into her muesli - with bowl and spoon - while waiting at a red light last week, to catching up with your social media on your mobile, applying make up and taking the opportunity to turn around and put your rampaging kids into order. Pointlessly revving as you wait for the green, then blasting your horn at the car in front if they don't take off like a rocket when the lights change, also constitutes seriously bad road etiquette. No-one likes being stuck at red traffic lights but they are an inevitable fact of driving life, so do your blood pressure and other road users a favour and wait patiently - road rage is terribly vulgar.

Indicating with hazard lights

Are you confused about which direction you are taking? Then so is everyone else around you. Indicators serve the purpose of advising the traffic around you that you are about to make a particular movement in a specific direction, and hazard lights are not a suitable substitute.

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