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When Cars Take To The Catwalk

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Cars and fashion - in theory it's as fitting and inevitable as rock stars with models or cheese and onion. However, the results of past collaborations have been mixed at best.

Fiat 500L Vans

The latest auto and fashion industry joint effort is the somewhat pointless Fiat 500L Vans, which displays design cues from the high top trainer all over its bodywork. Think Vans logos, palm printed canvas, two tone paintwork and a surfboard carrying, basket style, roof rack.

Mercedes-Benz Style Pit Stop

A rather cheesy way of promoting London Fashion Week as sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. DJ Reggie Yates looks very uncomfortable in a series of short films, where he interviews various 'trendy' music and entertainment figures. Where Mercedes cars came in exactly (apart from driving Reggie to the scene) is hard to say...

Vauxhall Adam at London Fashion Week

In the same vein, three Adams as decorated by three different fashion designers featured at the 2012 London Fashion Show. Much like the clothes, it's hard to imagine anyone would have actually bought any of these cars - one of which was covered in red balloons in the shape of giant hearts - in real life.

Maserati Quattroporte Zegna

Now this makes more sense - the luxury Italian auto maker working with the luxury Italian fashion house. The already beautiful and elegant Quattroporte becomes even more so in a 100 model limited production run special edition, featuring unique colourways and trim designs.

Fiat 500 You Wear App

Another Fiat 500. Take an app that decodes your Facebook photos to identify the colour you wear most and match it with the Fiat 500 in a colour it tells you will suit you the best. The result is probably the most pointless and shallow corporate hook up ever.

Hyundai Sante Fe Storm Models

Another head scratcher, this collaboration saw Hyundai supply a fleet of its Santa Fes to modelling agency Storm, to drive its models from catwalk to catwalk during London Fashion Week. The link between the two was said to be stunning looks, luxuriousness and spaciousness - although it's hard to imagine the latter applies to the stick thin beauties in question...

Smart ForJeremy

Hideous, neon pink, rear wing bedecked Smart Fortwo as created by wild and wacky fashion wunderkind, Jeremy Scott. Apparently an expression of the designer's dreams and fantasies, it looked more like most people's nightmares.

Matthew Williamson Rover 25

Not for the faint hearted, this bold car was inspired by Bollywood and Moulin Rouge. Something had to explain the garish pearlescent antique gold meets hot pink colourway, and an interior that should only be viewed through sunglasses...

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