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When Car Manufacturers Branch Out

By raccars Published

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Auto makers reign supreme at marketing. Never to miss a trick, they have learned that there are a number of ways to sell a car that have nothing to do with driving. Here are a few of the more unusual automotive branded products...

Alfa Romeo guitar

Rock and roll and fast cars go together like cheese and onion, so Yorkshire's Harrison Custom Guitar Works created an Alfa Romeo guitar. The strings are stretched over what looks like an Alfa's front grille and the instrument even wears the Italian firm's badge. Eleven units are to be built at a cost of £4,000 each.


Aluminium dice It's a pretty tenuous link, but the fact that these dice are made of aluminium seems to be the only thing they have in common with Italian sports cars...

Zanotta lounge chair

A stylish, expensive collaboration with furniture maker, Zanotta, that bears no resemblance to the seats found behind the wheel of the auto maker's cars.

Lamborghini Xmas decorations

That's right, ceramic Christmas baubles in Lambo orange and featuring the company's logo. They come in a set of three for those who really, really love Lamborghinis.

Peugeot pepper grinder

Before it made cars, the French company was known for its tools and its salt and pepper mills. The latter are still made by Peugeot, which claims to have racked up more than 900 different designs of mill over tens of millions of units produced.

Porsche ice cubes

Completely and utterly pointless but the funkiest ice cube tray ever to adorn a freezer.

Ferrari's Golf Collection

Ferrari has officially licensed its name to this collection of clubs, clothing, footwear and other golf accessories. Keen to bring its motoring technology to the endeavour, Ferrari has even put its badge on a super aerodynamic driver.

Lotus bicycle

A side project with more substance, the Lotus 108 bike was a pioneer of cycling technology and propelled the career of Chris Boardman to greatness. British cycling owes much to its performance and design.

Bugatti shisha pipe

Bugatti has become a byword for ostentatious expense, and the Bugatti hookah is no exception. Arguably only those who would shell out a million pounds for one of the numerous 'final' edition Veyrons would be happy to spend £59,000 on this luxury pipe by Bugatti with Desvali. For that money you could buy a Porsche Cayman GTS and still get change.

Jeep prams

There's nothing like catching them young when it comes to building up customer loyalty, an idea Jeep seems to have taken to extremes with this attempt to scoop up the infant market.

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