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When Car Makers Diversify

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It's not uncommon for auto manufacturers to branch out into other goods, and last week Lamborghini revealed its new Tauri 88 smartphone. Just like the firm's cars, this is not your average smartphone, costing about £4,000 and including an HD five inch touchscreen, a 20 megapixel camera and more memory than your average laptop. The Italian sports car firm will be releasing fewer than 2,000 units of the Tauri 88, which is available in four colours, so if you don't manage to get your hands on one, how about one of these?

Maserati La Martina Polo Saddle

Created to celebrate the Maserati Centennial Polo Tour this year by La Martina in Argentina, the saddle features a black, blue and silver colour scheme, inspired by the Italian auto maker's cars. As you would expect from the luxury car firm, the saddle is made from the highest quality leather and suede, boasting Maserati Centenary and La Martina embossed logos. It is accompanied by a matching saddle pad. The Maserati Centennial Polo Tour was part of a series of extravagant celebrations of the company's 100 year birthday this year, taking place in the USA, China, the UK, the UAE and finishing in Italy next year.

Bentley Home Collection

If you're comfortable sitting in a Bentley on wheels - and who isn't? - you could be just as comfortable sitting in a Bentley at home, with a range of Bentley branded furniture. A host of syrupy phrases has been used to describe the collection, which is apparently comprised of 'sophisticated velvets' and 'pastel nuances' for a 'rigorous aesthetic sensibility'.

Porsche Bobsleigh For children. Yes, seriously.

Peugeot Design Lab Piano for Pleyel

Not like any piano you've ever seen before, this one balances on one cantilevered carbon fibre leg, with a foam filling to counteract acoustic vibration. Designed to be open and allow viewers clear sight of the player's fingers working the keys, the self-supporting lid is about the only resemblance it bears to a car...

Bentley Aftershave

OK, so this one is not confined solely to Bentley. You could just as easily choose to smell like a Jaguar, Lamborghini, Ferrari or a Hummer. It's got to be better than Old Spice...

Audi Q3 Camping Tent

Not found at Millets, this tent fixes to an Audi Q3 and boasts a 43mph wind rating. Designed by tent experts, Heimplanet, the tent is supposed to provide a simple and lightweight camping solution. It can be used freestanding or as an extension to the car's rear hatch. Apparently, it can be fully erected within seven minutes.

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