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What Motorists Have To Look Forward To In 2015

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With a number of major changes to DVLA administration, as a result of the digital revolution, the motoring landscape in Britain is changing. What else does 2015 have in store for British drivers?

Lower insurance premiums

One very welcome change as a result of DVLA changes, insurance premiums are predicted to decrease by about £15 across the board. Digital records at the DVLA will mean insurers can easily verify driver records and reduce premiums accordingly.

Autonomous vehicle testing

This month sees the beginning of driverless car trials in Milton Keynes and Coventry, so don't freak out if you see a very independent Range Rover beating you at the lights.

New classic car tax exemption threshold

New regulations mean owners of 1975 classics will be tax exempt in April under the 40 year classic car tax exemption policy.

New roads

A massive, £15 billion investment into UK roads will see congestion get worse before it gets better, as roadworks take over. New projects include a tunnel at the notorious Stonehenge traffic blackspot, improvements to junctions on the M25 and a number of new motorway lane miles.

Car sharing

City residents are showing a growing interest in car sharing schemes, such as DriveNow. Pay as you go facilities and modern technology make the prospect more user friendly than earlier schemes.

New Volvo XC90

Very few new cars are genuinely revolutionary, but one of the most exciting launches of the year will be in March, when Volvo is expected to debut the next generation of its SUV with a number of groundbreaking safety features. Expect to see other manufacturers follow in raising the safety bar.

Lifestyle cars

The Citroen C4 Cactus has already made buyers rethink what they want from a car, while the French company's new DS offshoot promises a new fashion and lifestyle car buying experience. Three new models are imminent.

New niches

The crossover was the first really new auto sector in a long time but manufacturers are searching out ever tinier gaps, in an increasingly saturated market.

Laser headlights

For some of us, LED headlamps are still a great new toy, but laser headlights are the cool new kid on the block. Expect to see your teenage neighbour proudly pimping his 1999 Corsa with a set this year.

In-car connectivity

More and more cars are offering in-car wifi, making it even harder to switch off. Your car will become its own wifi hotspot, meaning you will be even more contactable and the privacy of a quiet car interior will be gone forever.

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