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What Kind Of Driver Are You?

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A short study has been carried out with the help of the London School of Economics and Political Science, identifying the seven different types of driver and how they relate to other road users. None of the driving stereotypes identified in the project are ideal and reflect how drivers handle their own feelings about driving and how nervous they are about other road users.

In reality most of us exhibit more than one of these driving personality types on a regular basis. The investigation involved conducting in-depth interviews with European motorists and analysing focus group results.

The study was part of a project looking at how social psychology affects road safety issues. While the study focused specifically upon European drivers, the results resonated with teams conducting similar investigations on a global scale. Goodyear's road safety project is in a two-part format and will continue until October.

Do you recognise yourself in one of these descriptions?


The Escapee likes to treat the inside of their car like their own little world, chatting on the mobile (hands free, of course) or listening to music to avoid interacting with other drivers and the outside world. They often use the same strategy socially.


The Avoider refuses to engage with antisocial and unpleasant behaviour by other drivers, preferring to ignore them and treat them like any inanimate road hazard.


The Philosopher accepts, rationalises and seeks to explain the behaviour of other road users, refusing to let it affect them emotionally. They try to remain relaxed behind the wheel no matter what other road users are doing.


Punishers are the candidates for road rage. They are unable to let others' bad driving habits pass unchallenged and often seek to confront the offender, getting out of their own car to do so.


The Competitor wants to be ahead of other road users and get frustrated if other drivers block their progress. They don't like to be overtaken by other cars and drive close to the car ahead so others can't slip into the gap.


This driver is very confident and even bombastic about their own driving style and thinks everybody else on the road is an idiot ? and is not shy to let other drivers know how they feel.


Similarly the Teacher likes other drivers to understand what they are doing wrong and likes to receive praise for generously giving their advice.

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