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What Does The Alfa Giulia Have To Beat?

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Alfa Romeo's new Guilia model is set to make a splash in the compact executive market this year. Part of a brave new world for Alfa Romeo, it demonstrates a premium quality fit and finish, combined with typically flashy Italian driving dynamics and a price tag to undercut its main rival, the BMW 3 Series. While it's unlikely to knock the mighty Beemer from its 'best seller in its class' perch any time soon, what other compact executive sector rivals could be upset by the new kid on the block?

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The latest version is considered the best C-Class yet but Merc's compact executive has always been a sophisticated car of the world. The interior is plush, spacious and chock full of modern technology, and the whole is very difficult to criticise, yet the C-Class has never achieved the sales volume of the 3 series.

Audi A4

The third member of the big German three's compact exec triumvirate is the super successful Audi A4. Restrained styling hides a beautifully finished cabin with all the comfort and convenience features you could wish for and a strong range of engines.

Volvo S60

The Swedish compact exec makes a nice change from the usual German suspects. It's competent rather than exciting, and of course, safety is second to none. The diesel engine range is frugal but willing, making the S60 a very good all-rounder.

Volkswagen CC

Previously known as the Passat CC, like the Volvo, there's some fine build quality on display here but little in the way of sparkle. However it's comfortable, practical and comes with an excellent BlueMotion diesel engine, for generous motorway mileage.

Citroen DS5

The French compact exec is hanging out in some illustrious company here but - on the outside at least - it fits in thanks to some classic Gallic good looks. Underneath that attractive appearance it can't match the driving dynamics of the other cars on this list but it's a pleasant enough way to pass hours on the motorway.

Lexus IS

Another good choice in terms of build quality, comfort and conservative good looks, the IS lacks the BMW's sophisticated handling. There's also no diesel engine available, but instead, there is a company car tax friendly 300h hybrid model. It's quite a lot of car for the money.

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