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What does it take to buy a Ferrari One-Off?

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The Ferrari 458 MM Special isn't available to just anyone...

Ferrari has always revelled in its exclusivity, so much so that it even cut production volumes to avoid diluting its brand image. Of course a Ferrari is an expensive purchase, not achievable for the average person in the street as it is, but there are other obstacles in the way of ownership of one of the world's most prestigious brands too.

Ferrari One-Off

Ferrari One-Off is a special division created by the Italian supercar maker after a Ferrari collector from Japan asked the company to build him a bespoke model. The SP1 received a very positive response and Ferrari decided there was a sound business case for creating a special builds division. However, it's not simply a case of calling Maranello and saying 'I fancy a leopard print F12 Berlinetta'...

The One-Off programme is open strictly to Ferrari's best and most important clients and by invitation only. Customers need to have demonstrated a clear commitment to and passion for the brand. When Ferrari identifies suitable One-Off owners it will contact them and invite them to start the process.

The creation of a bespoke Ferrari can take up to three years and requires a lot of personal input including a number of visits to Maranello and, of course, vast sums of money. The prospective owner will enjoy - or endure - some heavy one to one sessions with Maranello designers and engineers. They will be expected to contribute plenty of ideas of their own, for example to build a car inspired by Ferrari's racing heritage or to follow another specific theme.

The Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

The engineering team will help the client to decide upon a chassis and power train, e.g. number of cylinders, before working on design directions. The mechanicals will be chosen from Ferrari's existing extensive table of options, but with these in place the rest is open to discussion. A lucky British client commissioned the glorious and unique Ferrari 458 MM Speciale through the One-Off programme. This was based upon the standard 458 Speciale but with bespoke elements including a fresh new aerodynamics set up.

The 458 MM Speciale was unveiled at the end of May and will be on display at various events in the UK during 2016, just to whet your appetite. With the standard Speciale costing a little over £200,000, the bespoke edition cost an extra £1.8 million or so, for a final value of about £2 million. Eric Clapton apparently commissioned the SP-12 for a cost of nearly $5 million, a modified 458 designed to resemble the 1976 512 Berlinetta Boxer.

Forget anything vulgar

Don't bother to request anything too outrageous however, as Ferrari specifies that the bespoke model must remain consistent with the famous brand image. A pink paint job, for example, will be denied. Ferrari will turn down any requests which it does not believe are fitting to the nature of its brand or a specific car, regardless as to how much money the customer is prepared to pay.

Ferrari's One-Off programme sticks to a maximum production schedule of three cars per annum. At the moment the programme is full until 2021. Each car is priced individually according to the chassis chosen and other specifications, but you can expect to spend about €3 million.

Once you have taken ownership, Ferrari would like even its most precious and special models to be taken out and about. You are not expected to attend public events with the vehicle if you prefer to maintain your privacy, but Ferrari maintains that the joy of its cars is in the driving rather than keeping them in seclusion in a museum or private collection.

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