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What Do You Really Want To Drive?

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The UK auto industry must be doing something right, with new car sales exploding and contributing in no small part to Britain's wider economic recovery. However a new survey by Auto Express magazine suggests that what British car buyers really want to see is not yet another new SUV or electric city car, but the revival of some venerable old names. These are the cars that, apparently, UK drivers really want to see on the roads.

MGB Roadster

MG has been struggling in recent years, but has expressed a desire to return to its roots - lightweight, front engined rear wheel drive sports roadsters, so watch this space...

Volvo P1800

Modern Volvos are undeniably competent cars, but the Saint's sexy Sixties P1800 coupe Sixties saw Volvo, for once, win plaudits for styling as well as safety.

Mazda RX-7

Abolished in 2002, the RX-7 was one of a number of Japanese sports coupes that have become modern classics but fortunately it seems Mazda is considering adding a successor to its stable, sticking with the famous Wankel rotary engine.

Citroen 2CV

The French company may think it's done a fairly good job of reviving the spirit of the 2CV with its new C4 Cactus model, but apparently it's not retro enough for fans of the icon of post war, utilitarian chic that was the original 2CV.


Obviously the original Mini has been replaced, to great success, but purists are keen to see a return to the original car's back to basics approach - smaller, lighter and less sophisticated than the smart, modern version.

Alfa Romeo Montreal

The 1970 Alfa Montreal epitomised the style and sporty performance for which the brand is famous. Alfa Romeo is currently in some need of an exciting new line up and a Montreal replacement would be an ideal addition.

Saab 900

The distinctive 900 was inspired by aircraft design and was full of technical innovations. While Saab no longer exists as we know, there are rumours of a rebirth and the potential to bring back its most iconic model must be tempting.

Ford Focus RS Cosworth

Cosworth input famously made the Escort great, and the next generation Focus RS could become really extraordinary with similar treatment.

Lancia Delta Integrale

Another example of Britain's love of hot hatches, this one was a true rallying champion and a cult favourite among car fans. One obstacle to its return is Lancia's restriction on international sales.

Ford Capri

Fans have been calling for the return of the Capri since its 1986 demise. Unfortunately, it seems Ford is not interested.

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