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What Can You Buy For £10,000?

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In the used market, £10,000 gets you quite a lot...

Porsche Boxster

Boasting an affordable price tag to go with its sporty pedigree, the Boxster is an excellent example of Porsche's fine handling and technical precision. Early versions of the 2005-2012 generation of Boxster can now be found for £10,000, with reasonable mileage and the 2.7 litre engine.


The X5 SUV is extremely prestigious and desirable but simply too huge for a lot of drivers, who can't face trying to manoeuvre it around a tight multistorey car park. However, the X1 is a smart miniature version of the X5, with the elevated ride height and a spacious cabin but minus the awkward bulk - and of course, it's still a BMW, with all the premium quality and brand image conveyed by the badge. Residual values are strong so you won't find many X1s for £10,000 but there are some two wheel drive diesels on the market that fit the bill and are rewardingly economical to run.

Citroen DS3

Released in 2010, the DS3 was one of the best Citroens to hit the market for years. Bursting with Gallic chic, it was also a smart performer and sold very well - this means there's a healthy supply of used models within budget. Check specifications carefully because customers enjoyed making the most of the many customisation options available, but £10,000 should get you a low mileage 2010 example.

BMW 520d Touring

As practical as it is smart and carrying the always attractive BMW badge, the 520d Touring is a great all rounder. It's refined, spacious, efficient and eager, while clever design means even older models still look modern. The only models within budget are likely to have seen high mileage but that's not a problem with such a good car.

Audi TT Roadster

Always fashionable and impressive, the TT Roadster is perennially desirable. Go for the more economical 2.0 TFSI over the thirsty 3.2 litre V6 and you should be able to choose from plenty of good quality examples - £10,000 could get you something from 2008 with a full service history, electric seats, rear parking sensor and 70,000 miles on the clock.

Ford Focus ST

It may not have premium badge prestige but the Focus ST is a very entertaining hot hatch. You'll notice the fuel bills if you push it but the Volvo sourced five cylinder 2.5 litre engine is a beast. £10,000 will buy you a tidy model from 2008, post-facelift, with perfectly acceptable mileage of about 60,000. Avoid modified examples.

Skoda Superb Estate

The Superb is as fine as many far more expensive and prestigious estates, and usually more versatile and spacious. It's also a very comfortable and user friendly car, offering great value for money, used or new. The 2.0 TDI is economical but most have done a lot of road miles, and the DSG gearbox can be problematic.

Seat Leon

The 2013 entry level model Seat Leon S is just dipping below the £10,000 threshold and is a genuine challenger to the more expensive VW Golf. It's equally well built, spacious and displays excellent road manners.

Abarth 500

This highly tuned Fiat is pretty exclusive and is by far the most fun you can have in a 500. It handles with typical Italian flair and is a very willing performer. Low mileage 2010 examples can be found within budget.

Nissan 350Z

The 350Z isn't a fashionable choice but has always been a very competent and characterful sports car. Post 2007 models exceeded 300bhp and come within budget, but beware of high running costs.

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