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We Give You: The McLaren P1

By raccars Published

Words can describe so much. Without words, novels such as 50 Shades of Grey would not exist; words are very important. Unfortunately, this week, we’ve found something that makes words obsolete, unnecessary and, quite frankly mundane: it’s called the McLaren P1.

It’s McLaren’s attempt at making successor to the original F1 – which was the world’s fastest car for ages – and it means that every single supercar ever made is about to look about as high-tech as a microwave. McLaren are back and they want a fight.

No word on performance figures, price or anything substantial really; all we know is McLaren want it to destroy every supercar on the market. They’re not aiming for top speed; they’re aiming for something far less juvenile and difficult than that: cornering. McLaren want the P1 to be quicker round a track than any other big super or hypercar. And we reckon they will do it - without any doubt.

2013 is going to be interesting.

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