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VW Unveils Golf GTI Cabrio

By raccars Published

VW has launched the new Golf GTI cabrio – and it looks good! Unfortunately, it isn’t all positives, as VW has priced it at a frankly sobering £30,610 for the DSG version. That’s £30,000…. For a Golf! Price aside, the GTI is one of the finest hot-hatches available, so the cabrio version should still be quite frankly amazing, but will punters really want to pay £30K?

The cabrio gets the same engine as the hatch, which means a 0-62mph sprint of just 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 147mph, which should get your wig into quite a mess! Thankfully, the economy figure is just less than 38mpg, meaning if you do slow things down you won’t be hurting at the pumps!

It’s going to be a good-looking summer!

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