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VW Touareg Becomes Fastest Selling Second hand Car In UK

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Although many cars are sold in greater numbers than the VW Touareg, this luxury SUV is, nevertheless, the least likely to spend very long on the forecourts of the UK’s used car dealers. According to figures from Glass, it was the quickest selling second hand vehicle of January 2015.

Hundreds of models compete for this title each month and the rankings represent a good indication of which cars are highly sought after and which are receiving less than the average amount of interest from buyers.

The Touareg’s top ranking in January saw it beat out second place Vauxhall Mokka, while also heading a top five consisting of the Skoda Yeti, Toyota Prius and Chevrolet Orlando.

Report spokesperson, Rupert Pontin, argued that the Touareg has been considered as a bit of an overlooked gem in the past, but buyers are starting to come around to the exceptional build quality and imposing, yet subtle, styling it offers.

At the other end of the table are the month’s most sluggish cars in terms of second hand turnaround. And right at the bottom was the Vauxhall Cascada, which Pontin believes is not a flawed vehicle, but merely a symptom of this manufacturer’s marketing being out of sync with what the buying public are looking for at the moment.

Also featured in the slowest selling portion of the table were the Renault Scenic and the Suzuki SX4 S Cross. This perhaps suggests that vehicles which are a little more specialised in their target audiences will be slower off the mark when offered for sale second hand.

As you might imagine, there is a gap between the average sale price of the most desirable used cars and those that are lower on the hit list. The five quickest selling vehicles net an average of £15,791 compared with the £15,062 typical price of the slower selling contemporaries.

Typical used values were on the rise across the board, rising by 6.5 per cent in the upper tiers of the market. They are being buoyed up by a combination of high demand and the growing influx of nearly new models.

The turnaround undergone by the UK’s car market in the past half decade has been both impressive and encouraging for the state of the economy as a whole - although many will now be asking just how long the good times will last.

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