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Volvo concept shows off self-driving car from the inside

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Volvo has created a concept to illustrate how autonomous cars will appear from the inside, giving a glimpse of the future.

Autonomous cars continue to be one of the most talked-about elements of the industry at the moment, with most discussions focusing on how safe they will be and how they will impact the economy. But relatively little attention is being paid to how the interior of the cars of the future will appear once drivers are no longer required to be in control at all times. And this is something that Volvo has addressed with its latest creation, known as Concept 26, according to TopGear.com.

Concept 26 is not a randomly assigned name; it has been chosen by Volvo’s design team because 26 minutes is the typical time that it takes for someone to commute to their place of work in the morning. And it also brings to mind an entire range of things that we can achieve in a little under half an hour if we are not required to spend that time concentrating on the road ahead. So in a way autonomous cars can be seen as giving us the gift of extra time.

In fact Volvo spokesperson Robin Page said that the interior of Concept 26 has been developed in order to ensure that owners can enjoy their autonomous cars to the fullest extent possible. This has required that the design makes use of the space inside a car in a manner which is not only entertaining, but also creative. And a number of innovative ideas are being proposed via this concept in order to make this a possibility.

Seating plan

The heart of Concept 26’s appeal lies in the seating, which is fully adaptable and can be set into three different configurations, each of which is oriented around a different type of activity. The standard Drive mode mirrors modern cars, with the driver behind the wheel and in full control of the vehicle for any times in which they decide to disengage the autonomous systems and return to conventional motoring. The other two modes, labelled Create and Relax respectively, give the driver far more legroom, at the expense of the amount of room available to those sitting directly behind them. And this is not the only change that occurs when the self-driving capabilities are enabled.

With the driver benefiting from additional room in which to manoeuvre, the standard dash panel also flips around to reveal a widescreen display embedded in the position usually occupied by both the central infotainment system and the glove box. This TV-sized screen will allow everyone on board to enjoy media playback and will presumably be plumbed into any of the car’s connectivity features, for activities such as web browsing and social media access.

Getting creative

Turning a commuter car into a productive and creative environment is thus one of Volvo’s many intriguing ideas as to what the autonomous future might hold for motorists. In addition to featuring the aforementioned dash-mounted display, Concept 26 also integrates a docking station in between the front two seats into which a tablet computer can be inserted. This will provide access to all sorts of apps and services for those who want to flex their creative muscles or catch up on work on the way to or from the office. All without having the distraction of having to pay attention to the road.

Autonomous cars are being developed by various manufacturers and Volvo has certainly created one of the most compelling insights into what the interiors of these vehicles may offer in the future.

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