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Volkswagen launching new budget brand in 2014

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Volkswagen to launch new budget brand for poverty stricken motorists!

Presumably due to Renault's success with the Dacia brand, Volkswagen have announced their plans to create a new brand offering no-frills motors for developing markets.

Despite the emphasis on developing markets, the new brand will be available across Europe and will sit below their current Skoda brand.

Starting prices have been quoted to start at around 6,000 Euros (£4,800) according to various reports, and shall include three models. A Logan rivalling saloon (£4,800), a Logan MCV rivalling estate (£5,600) and a Lodgy rivalling MPV (£6,400) are reported to be in the pipeline.

Low prices will be financially possible due to Volkswagen's investments into China and India, hence will also be built there. Furthermore, the new models are rumoured to be based on outgoing Fox, Polo and Golf platforms (PQ24/25/35).

With low prices brings low levels of equipment. So expect the occasional airbag and ABS, but also expect air-con and electric windows to feature on the options list.

The name of the new budget arm of the Volkswagen Group remains unknown at this stage, with other speculating a new one rather than the resurrection of a former brand. So don't expect to see a re-birth of NSU or DKW any time soon.

Budget motors from Volkswagen should be ready to order towards the end of 2014, with a final decision being cast in the coming months as to the identity of Volkswagen's 13th brand.

Story by Mike Armstrong

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