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Vauxhall Revives The Large Coupe and Monza Name

By raccars Published

Vauxhall's next step in its grand plan to lead the UK automotive industry comes courtesy of a familiar name: the Opel Monza. With the Vauxhall line up sadly devoid of a large coupe since the demise of the Calibra 16 years ago, the Opel sourced Monza concept is the ideal format to showcase Vauxhall's upmarket ambitions.

True to the origins of the Seventies and Eighties Monza, the new car will be a rear wheel drive grand tourer. Currently GM Europe doesn't have a platform to fit this template so underpinnings could be sourced from the Cadillac ATS. Engines could also follow a similar pattern, spanning the gamut from 2.0 litre four cylinders to a 3.6 litre V6. However, there would certainly need to be a diesel powertrain included and attention will need to be paid to fuel economy, for the purse conscious European market.

Outside Europe the car is likely to wear a Buick badge and could retain that brand's plug in hybrid system as seen in the concept Buick Riviera, seen earlier this year at the Shanghai Motor Show, for its eco-friendly model. The W-PHEV system showcased in the Riviera can re-power via a cable or allow wireless charging by situating the car next to an induction unit.

Conjecture aside, the Monza will be built with lightweight materials to harness the engine's sporting prowess and the cabin will boast similarly impressive modern technology. Recent Vauxhalls already feature Apple's connectivity system, Siri Eyes Free, for voice activated control and the Monza will no doubt capitalise on the latest advances in this area.

Stylistically, images of the Monza show influence from the sportier Mercedes in the front grille with a low, muscular silhouette. There's plenty of chrome detailing on the front, outlining the slim, slanting headlights topping large, horizontal air intakes. Target rivals for the coupe are expected to be the BMW 4 Series and the Audi A5.

The Monza is strictly a concept at this point and will be seen first at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show in September. However, Vauxhall has historically done very well in the large coupe market with the likes of the Calibra and demand in this market remains strong, so industry watchers are predicting a production version on the cards for 2016.

Vauxhall has been quite vocal about its desire to increase its share of the UK market over main rival Ford and has been carefully constructing a model range to cover every market segment, the crowning glory of which could easily be the Monza sports coupe.

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