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Vauxhall Plugs New Astra With Scrappage Scheme

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Vauxhall is rather busy at the moment with, among other things, the imminent release of the new Astra. To this end it is introducing a new scrappage scheme.

£2,000 off a new Astra

The revived Scrappage Allowance effectively takes £2,000 off the price of almost any new Vauxhall, working as a part exchange deal. Even if your old car is only worth a few hundred pounds, the firm will guarantee you a £2,000 minimum value for it when you invest in a brand new Vauxhall. The scheme can be used with vehicles from any manufacturer and there is no age limit. The only condition is that the vehicle must have been registered in your name for a minimum of 90 days.

Buyers taking advantage of the Scrappage Allowance will still be eligible for other discounts the dealer is offering, including free insurance, for example. Only the Viva, the Adam Jam and the Corsas Sting and Sting R are excluded from the Scrappage Allowance scheme.

Vauxhall is working with a recycling company on the deal, which suggests that all models taken in as part of the scheme will be scrapped. This is likely to provoke some disapproval as many of these cars may still be roadworthy. However young drivers in particular are expected to ignore their environmental consciences to take advantage of the scheme in tandem with generous finance arrangements.

The seventh generation Astra

The scheme will no doubt draw attention to the release of the seventh generation Astra which, after 36 years and over five million unit sales, is still going strong. In fact there is considerable industry excitement surrounding the upcoming new model, which is due to be released this month. Not since the Eighties has an Astra looked so good, and yet despite more interior space, more efficient engines and higher equipment levels, the new model is no more expensive - and in some cases even cheaper - than the existing car.

An efficiency drive has seen the Astra shed about 200kg in weight, helping it to 90mpg and 82g/km in CO2 emissions for the most frugal model in the range. A focus on driving dynamics and build quality could see this Astra offer a very neat compromise between the Ford Focus's smart handling and the VW Golf's comfort and style. Vauxhall has started from the ground up here, with an all new platform and a new range of turbocharged engines, including the three cylinder 1.0 litre unit used by the Adam and the Corsa. The diesel models are expected to be the most popular however, and all engines variants will be equipped with a new six speed transmission.

Style and substance

The Astra demonstrates Vauxhall's latest design language and includes some clever touches such as darkened pillars which appear to make the roof float. The interior fittings are all very sharp and modern and introduce GM's OnStar Wi-Fi connectivity system, plus the Intellilink infotainment package.

Prices range from about £15,000 up to £23,000, with a choice of the standard five door hatchback or estate variants. There are five trim levels available, with even the entry level 'Design' specification including 16” alloys, a Bluetooth equipped DAB stereo, air con, a smartphone compatible 7” touchscreen, cruise control and electric windows and mirrors all round.

The Astra derived GTC coupe isn't being updated in line with the standard Astra but will be replaced at a later stage.

If you take advantage of the scrappage scheme, the Astra works out to be a great value package and may even be good enough to threaten the Focus's position as the best seller in its class.

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