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Vauxhall Crossland X to replace the Meriva

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Crossland X crossover will replace the Meriva and sit beside the Mokka X in the Vauxhall range.

The Vauxhall Meriva is being transformed from a mini-MPV into an SUV crossover bursting with ‘agility and convenience’, according to its makers. The new Vauxhall Crossland X is aimed at offering comfort and performance during urban hops and long distance journeys alike.

The new Vauxhall will sit beside the Mokka X as a more spacious and family-friendly option and is one of five new models which Vauxhall has confirmed for 2017. Three new Insignias will join the Mokka X and the Crossland in the line-up.

Vauxhall Crossland collaboration

The new Crossland is the result of a joint venture between Vauxhall and the PSA Group. It uses the PSA small platform which is shared by the next C3 Picasso and both will be launched around the same time. The cars will also be built at the same Spanish GM factory.

The next generation C3 Picasso will also have more of a crossover-style appearance than the current model. Karl-Thomas Neumann, the Adam Opel AG board chairman, said that the next Picasso would sit between an MPV and a crossover, offering more space and economy than most crossovers, whilst the Mokka X would offer a crossover feel.

Crossland teaser

Vauxhall has released a single aerial shot of the Crossland X and Vauxhall’s managing director and chairman Rory Harvey has revealed that whilst the new crossover will sit beside the Mokka X, both models should have their ‘own following’.

He said that more details will be revealed at the beginning of next year but added that the brand is excited about its new SUV and crossover ‘family’.

The spy shot reveals the use of the Vauxhall grill, together with the company’s usual daytime running lights and slim headlights. Cladding covers up the prototype’s shapely body panels but it is easy to see an angular C-pillar similar to that used in the new Astra. It is also expected that the new car will share a similar mock-floating roof appearance as a result of a slim black strip which adorns the pillar.

Moving up a size

There will be a similar shift when Vauxhall reveals its five-seat crossover at a later date. The extra model is ‘especially sporty’, according to the company, and is another model to come from the PSA-GM collaboration. It is described as a type of GM crossover using Peugeot 3008 underpinnings.

Neumann admitted that the company had to ring the changes as the likes of the Zafira and Meriva were targeting a shrinking market but he said that pure crossovers would not meet the needs of most families. This is why Vauxhall-Opel is aiming to find a successful way of combining an MPV and a crossover.

Changes for the Insignia

The Insignia is also set to be replaced in 2017. Its successor was shown at the Geneva motor show in March and has the title of the Insignia Grand Sport. Its makers claim that it boasts a higher quality finish and a multitude of extra technology.

The five-door hatch is based upon a wheelbase which is more than 9cm longer than its predecessor and utilises an entirely new architecture. It is actually just 5.5cm longer, however, and some models will be as much as 170kg lighter when compared with the current Insignia.

The Sports Tourer is the estate version and takes its design inspiration from the concept Monza, offering more space in the cabin than the current model. The Country Tourer, meanwhile, is 4WD with what its creators call ‘off-road looks’.

Vauxhall’s flagship vehicle seems set to arrive in 2019 or 2020, however, in the form of a large crossover which will be built beside the Insignia on the latter’s new platform and is set to replace the Antara.

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