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Used Vehicle Payment Scam Warning Issued

By raccars Published

The RAC has warned consumers about the latest used vehicle payment scam on car classified sites.

With modern technology criminals increasingly target unsuspecting consumers to get their hands on their cash and the used car market is an easy target for unscrupulous operators.

The traditional ‘payment scam’ which utilises private adverts on car classified sites to lure unsuspecting consumers to pre-pay for a car before the buyer will deliver, has seen a new twist recently, using a very credible website faking well known brands to dupe the consumer that they are arranging payment to be held securely until the car can be delivered. Of course the car never arrives and the money and website disappear.

The best protection against these types of scam is to know who you are dealing with, which is why RAC Cars was created to provide a safe environment without trader and private adverts which these scams rely on to find their victims.

More information about the latest car payment scam warning can be found on RAC’s main website together with some previous advice about other types of car sales scams to look out for.

If you spot what you suspect is a scam, report it to the car classified site or if you think you have fallen victim to a scam contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau for further advice.

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