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Used Porsche for £1 million?

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Porche 911

Could a used Porsche be worth £1 million? Buyers look set to pay bumper amounts for the 911 R.

The limited edition Porsche 911 R may be valued at £136,901 new but that price could spiral to one million pounds if you were to consider a used version. Why?

The reason is that a used Porsche 911 R is likely to be your only option if you haven’t already bought one. There are only 991 of them being made and these have all already been sold.

The used Porsche price tag

The average cost of a used Porsche 911 R is likely to be around £550,000 for a model with a manual gearbox and a normally-aspirated engine, but this figure has the potential to rocket as a result of growing demand.

The 911 R is not the only used Porsche commanding great prices at the moment, either. The sell-out appeal of the Cayman GT4, for example, and its limited production has seen some pre-owned models fetching £100,000.

Used Macans are also being bought for a premium as, whilst there is no production limit in-place, high demand for this new Porsche has led to a waiting list of about eight months. Some buyers refuse to wait, however, and have chosen to have a used Porsche Macan now rather than holding out for months for a new car.

Why is the 911 R proving so popular?

Porsche claims that the 911 R offers the old school appeal of a 911 combined with a ‘new thrill’. The body and design is said to pay homage to the 911 GT3, although the 911 R has an extendable rear wing, making it wider at the back than the Carrera to increase its presence on the road and enhance the 911 virtues of being flat, wide and low.

The Porsche 911 R has a naturally aspirated, flat-six, large-volume engine at the back and boasts a maximum 8,500rpm engine speed. It has a displacement of four litres to produce 500 hp or 368kW and an output of 125hp or 92kW per litre.

Porsche says the 911 R can go from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.8 second thanks to the short shift between gears with its GT sports, six-speed manual transmission. The top speed of 200mph can be achieved in sixth gear. The power development on offer has been attributed to its ratio of power to weight, which stands at 2.7 kg/hp.

A lightweight option

Lightweight construction is to be expected from a new or used Porsche but the 911 R takes this further than most models from the marque. Its wings and bonnet are created from plastic reinforced with carbon fibre, its roof is magnesium, and it has polycarbonate side windows in the rear.

There is no rear seating area and the manual transmission is a lighter option than an automatic alternative. In order to restrict the weight still further, there is no infotainment system or climate control as standard, although these can be added on request.

The lightweight design is boosted further, according to Porsche, by light door panels, complete with door opener loops, together with reduced insulation elements. Buyers can also opt for a super-light lithium ion battery to make the gross weight of the vehicle just 1,370kg.

Other features of the new Porsche 911 R include a specially-adapted system that steers the back wheels the opposite way to the front wheels at low speeds in a bid to increase agility. This is held to be particularly beneficial on tight bends. When the new Porsche reaches high speeds, however, the wheels are steered in the same direction to enhance the stability of the car.

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