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Unique Ferrari Expected to Sell For Millions

By raccars Published

A very special 1955 Ferrari 410 Sport Berlinetta is due to go on sale in California by RM Auctions and it’s expected to go under the hammer for millions. But what makes this particular Ferrari interesting is that it’s one-of-a-kind. There were only ever four 410 Sport Berlinettas made, and this one was the only Scaglietti body-type.

Speaking to Autoblog, RM Auctions' Amy Christie said: "the estimate for this one is 'available upon request' by interested bidders, therefore I'm not in a position to disclose. I can however certainly confirm that it is immensely valuable and certainly a multi-million-dollar car."

So it’s pretty clear it’s going to go for a ridiculous amount, but would you want this in your garage? The colour puts us off, but hey, it is an ultra-rare Ferrari, so you have to respect its pedigree.

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