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UK Secures £267m Investment From Honda

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BRITISH jobs created after a £267 million investment into UK car production was announced today.

The British motor industry breathed a sigh of relief as Honda announced further investment into their Swindon plant. The Japanese firm plan to produce the latest generation Civic and CRV at this site.

Swindon's factory site aims to increase production twofold in 2012 compared to 2011 figures. A steady increase in production is scheduled towards 2015 with a peak of 250,000 units per annum. Hence making this latest investment the largest of its kind, in the UK, by Honda in the last decade.

Over 500 new workers were hired into the workforce since January, increasing the total number of employees to around 3,500.

Besides the latest Civic, which went into production in Swindon last December, the plant will construct two further products. Goods assembled at the plant will include the new CRV from September, and the Civic's new 1.6-litre Turbodiesel engine from December.

Cars produced at Honda's Swindon plant will be exported worldwide. As many as 60 per cent will be delivered across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia, setting a positive forecast for the UK economy.

"This investment programme underpins Honda's commitment to manufacturing in Britain and to our UK workforce" said Dave Hodgetts, Managing Director at Honda UK;

"It reaffirms the Swindon plant's position as the cornerstone of Honda's European operations, as it has been for the last 25 years."

Story by: Mike Armstrong

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