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UK's quickest selling used cars ranked

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Some used cars fly off the forecourt faster than others, but what were the most sought-after vehicles from October 2015?

The Ford Fiesta is the UK’s best loved car, at least if you look at the sales figures, as it regularly comes out on top both in terms of new and used unit sales. But just because a car is popular on paper does not necessarily mean that people are queuing up to get the chance to buy one. And in fact for models such as the Fiesta, supply can sometimes exceed demand, meaning that motorists do not need to rush into making a purchase.

Looking instead at the used cars which spend the shortest amount of time on sale after they are advertised can reveal some rather intriguing information about buying habits and shifting trends, even if the sheer number of models being sold is below that of the high profile market leaders. And the latest figures from AutoTrader have pegged an unassuming French MPV as the hottest automotive property of the past month, at least when looked at in these terms.

Grand C4 Picasso takes the top spot

During October of 2015 analysts found that the used car which was likely to linger for the shortest period after going on sale was the Grand C4 Picasso from Citroen, with the 2010 model attracting the attention of buyers looking to snap up a second hand vehicle with minimal delay. On average this car would sell in just 19 days, with a typical price of £6,999 achieved. The HDI-powered Grand C4 Picasso was the pick of the litter and buyers were quickest to snap up versions with automatic gearboxes, leaving manuals languishing on forecourts and owners' driveways for a little longer.

In 2010 when these version of the Grand C4 Picasso were being built, Citroen had yet to roll out the facelift which subsequently enhanced its looks. But this didn't seem to deter buyers last month, with the spacious, family-friendly MPV also netting sellers and dealerships close to the asking price.

Toyota Aygo comes a close second

The UK’s second fastest selling used car in October was a very different model to the Grand C4 Picasso. The 2013 Toyota Aygo, with its compact city car size and petrol engine, is aimed more at individuals and young couples that at larger families who need plenty of seats and a lot of boot space. But superminis and city cars are always desirable to British car buyers and the value for money represented by second hand Aygo models is difficult to resist, it seems.

Interesting the Aygo appears once more in the top 10 fastest selling used cars of the past month, sitting in the tenth spot in its 2012 iteration. Although analysts found that this model took an average of 23 days to sell; four longer than its younger sibling.

Regional variations

Although nationally the Grand C4 Picasso was a used car winner in terms of its speed of sale during October, the popularity of cars varies from region to region. In the South East it was a pair of VW models that were on sale for the shortest periods, with the TDI variants of the Golf hatchback and Tiguan compact crossover both earning plenty of attention when put on sale.

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