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UK Roads Unsuitable For 80mph Speed Limit

By raccars Published

The proposed 80mph motorway speed limit for the UK may not be in effect yet – and it’s unknown if it ever will be – but according to The Road Safety Foundation (RSF), our roads aren’t suitable for the increased limit due to poor maintenance and a distinct lack of crash barriers.

A report in The Telegraph claimed that only half of the UK’s motorways had crash barriers which could handle an 80mph speed limit – which is enough to cause concern for the RSF.

"Some stretches of motorway are more suitable for 80mph than others. If you don't have adequate central reservation barriers, a hard shoulder and variable speed limit message signs then the road is not safe for 80mph," said AA president Edmund King in The Telegraph.

So whether we ever seen the new limit is unknown, but it seems like investment will have to be made for it to come into effect.

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