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UK Road Safety Week

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After World Remembrance Day for Road Traffic Victims on Sunday 16th November, this week is UK Road Safety Week (17-21 November). Organised by road safety charity, Brake, the slogan for the event is 'Look Out for Each Other.'

Road safety is a matter for every single road user, whether you are a driver or a pedestrian, and no special training or skills are required. The most important thing you can do to keep yourself and others safe on the road is to pay attention to what's happening all around you.

There are about one and a quarter million road deaths worldwide every year and a further 20-50 million injuries. This makes road deaths the eighth biggest in the world, with as many victims as a number of communicable diseases, including malaria. In the 15-29 age group, the situation is more serious still, with road accidents the main cause of death globally. Experts predict the figures to get even worse, with road traffic deaths set to become the fifth biggest global killer by 2030.

In financial terms, the cost of road traffic injuries is estimated at 1-2% of the gross national product of lower and middle income countries, or more than 100 billion US dollars annually. Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians account for about half of all road deaths.

Brake has created a six point pledge for road users to take this week, designed to help avoid the five deaths and over 60 serious injuries that occur every day on roads in the UK. The pledge revolves around six simple steps that all road users can take, to make UK roads safer.

The first element of the pledge is 'Slow,' whereby motorists commit to reducing their speed and other road users commit to speaking out in favour of slowing down. Second is 'Sober,' for drivers to promise never to drink or take drugs and get behind the wheel, while other road users plan to make sure they don't need to travel with drunk or drugged drivers, and to report anyone they know to be breaking the law.

'Secure' is aimed at making sure all car users wear seatbelts and keep their vehicles safe and properly maintained. 'Silent' refers to not using mobile phones while driving and 'Sharp' means drivers must commit to regular eye tests and corrected vision where necessary. Furthermore, as part of this step, drivers must not get behind the wheel while stressed or tired.

'Sustainable' is the last pledge to drive less, for the benefit of the environment, your health and road safety.

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