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UK pricing for hybrid RAV4 and Prius confirmed by Toyota

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Toyota has new RAV4 and Prius hybrids on the way to the UK and their prices have just been announced.

Toyota is known for its pioneering work with hybrid cars, with the Prius being the progenitor of many modern vehicles which have adopted the same eco-friendly ethos. And next year a new Prius is on the way, together with a hybrid iteration of Toyota’s popular RAV4. With cutting edge technology under the skin and relatively affordable price tags now associated with each, British buyers may start thinking about getting their orders in early.

For the fourth generation Prius the asking price will start at £23,295, according to AutoExpress. This means that it will cost £1300 more than the third-generation model that it is replacing. But thankfully there are enough updates to justify this added up front expense.

The RAV4 Hybrid will be a little more expensive than the standard models, setting buyers back £26,195 if they want to invest in a vehicle with better green credentials than its petrol or diesel powered stable mates. And while the Prius is on schedule to arrive with owners in March, the RAV4 Hybrid will actually be hitting roads in the UK a little earlier, with a January arrival said to be on the cards.

Fourth-gen Prius specifications

The new Prius comes with a higher price tag because even the base model now boasts far more equipment than that which was available as standard on its predecessor. And while the revised exterior styling is definitely eye-catching and an improvement, it is on the inside where the biggest differences will be felt.

The Prius now features modern essentials such as climate control and a touchscreen entertainment set-up on all models, making the cabin feel rather more contemporary. Keyless entry and start are featured, as are a pair of LED headlamps. Meanwhile motorway driving is made simpler and safer thanks to adaptive cruise control. Even the driver’s seat has been enhanced, now featuring its own electric motors to make adjusting it a breeze.

For almost £1000 on top of the standard asking price, users can instead select the new Prius Business Edition, which boasts a number of upgrades including heated seats, alloy wheels, parking sensors and integrated satellite navigation. For items such as leather trim, an enhanced infotainment system and better speakers, the top of the range Prius Excel will be the preferred choice, costing £27,450 in the UK and with sales already getting underway this month.

RAV4 Hybrid specifications

Like the Prius, the RAV4’s interior is heavily upgraded compared with older models, benefiting from a touchscreen console for entertainment and controls, premium materials and rugged yet unassumingly luxurious upholstery. It also includes a technology called the Panoramic View Monitor as standard. This provides 360 degree visibility around the entire car to make it far easier to see what is going on during parking. Users will no longer have to rely solely upon sensors or unidirectional cameras to manoeuvre this Toyota SUV.

The hybrid capabilities of the new RAV4 will be achieved via a combination of two electric motors and a traditional 2.5 litre petrol engine. This will mean that it is a true hybrid vehicle with all wheel drive available in either mode. So for eco-friendly off-roading it becomes a compelling option.

Although Toyota has yet to confirm the range and performance specs for the RAV4 Hybrid, more will be known before it goes on sale in the UK early next year alongside the Prius and various hybrid rivals from competing manufacturers.

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