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UK Motorways And 'A' Roads To Receive Extra Miles

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Thanks to £24 billion of investment by the Department for Transport, the UK's motorway and 'A' road network will increase by 900 lane miles by 2021. As part of the same process, 3,000 miles of resurfacing will take place on existing roads.

The investment is the biggest since the Seventies and will be directed countrywide, but with the major part of the work to be carried out in the east, where £1.54 billion will fund six different schemes, two of which will be for the M25. £1.41 billion has been earmarked for work in the South East, on the M25 again but also on the M3, the A27 and the Hindhead tunnel section of the A3 and later on the M4, M23, M27, M20, the A2 and A21.

Investments of £1.07 billion are headed towards nine schemes in the Midlands, including the M1, M6, M5, A421, A453 and the A38. £1.1 billion goes to Yorkshire and the North East, part of which is to be used on the M1 there, plus the M52, the A1, A19 and A63.

The South West will receive £117 million for work to the M4 and A30, while £375 million will go towards four schemes in the North West, to include the new Manchester Smart Motorway, the A556, the M6, M60, M62 and M56. An infographic detailing the work is available on the Department for Transport website.

Of the £24 billion fund, £9 billion is destined for maintenance and £6 billion for resurfacing. Spending on Britain's road network will triple over the next six years.

By comparison, the previous decade saw only 574 new lane miles built, a third less than what is being promised now, for which the present government has been very keen to castigate its predecessors. The 60 new schemes are programmed to add 962 new lane miles over the next seven years and include both this and the next Parliament, although all are still awaiting a final sign off for 'deliverability' and 'value for money'.

John Hayes, roads minister, has stated that the investment is part of a long term fiscal plan dedicated to Britain's financial recovery that is being undertaken with great consideration for the associated environmental impact. A large proportion of the new road miles will be in the form of smart motorways and widening will be selective to minimise environmental damage.

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