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UK Motorists In Favour Of Surveillance To Improve Road Safety

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A new survey conducted by YouGov has revealed that almost half of drivers in the UK are convinced that things like CCTV and speed cameras are helping to improve the levels of safety on roads across the UK, according to the Telegraph. So, although there may be many people who are vocal in their dismissal of such surveillance techniques, the number who actually believe that no impact is made by such measures is relatively low.

Thirty four per cent of respondents said that they do not think that monitoring motorists with camera technology is making any difference to road safety. A tenth of those questioned asserted that things have actually got worse in recent years, as the number of cameras monitoring UK roads has risen.

Of course, while these anecdotal opinions of individual motorists may not have much of an impact on the official figures for incidents, the government and industry bodies are attempting to win over sceptics and encourage drivers to see the use of cameras as a good thing. So, with 48 per cent of people saying that roads are safer with CCTV, and speed cameras trained on them at all times, this battle for hearts and minds may be reaching a tipping point.

A quarter of the female respondents to the study said that they would be in favour of reducing the number of cameras in use today, while a higher 40 per cent slice of the male driving population of the UK held this negative opinion of current safety equipment. This gender divide may be unsurprising to some, although different people have different reasons for their dislike or approval of cameras on the roads.

YouGov conducted the poll on behalf of ITV, which is set to air a new documentary, looking into the use of CCTV and speed cameras across the UK. The show will feature clips caught on these systems in which the dangerous practices of certain drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are depicted.

Interestingly, the study found that those under the age of 24 are more likely to have a favourable outlook on cameras than their older counterparts. Perhaps the fact that many younger drivers have grown up in an age of widespread camera usage on the roads is making them more familiar with and accepting of their presence throughout the entirety of the UK.

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