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UK motorists continue to find their wallets squeezed

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Research has shown that British motorists are still subject to higher fuel costs than most of the rest of Europe. With UK drivers paying 43p per litre more than residents of Andorra for fuel and 29p per litre more than France for diesel, automotive groups have accused fuel providers of profiteering. The wholesale price of diesel has fallen by 6p per litre but this reduction has not been carried over to forecourts, according to the Post Office's annual motoring report.

The research removed exchange rate anomalies from the equation to reveal that British motorists are charged more for fuel than 19 of the total of 22 countries analysed. British supermarkets have reacted to the criticism by reducing the cost of diesel by a rather half-hearted 2p per litre, which groups such as the RAC have condemned as not enough.

British families planning to drive to the continent for their summer holidays have been advised to save money by filling up after leaving Britain.

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