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Two-year extension for Ford GT production

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Ford GT

Production extension means would-be buyers will get a second chance to own a new Ford GT

Ford might not have delivered one of its new GTs yet but that hasn’t stopped the company from doubling the length of time the model will be produced.

A total of 250 of the 600bhp cars are expected in each of the four years of the total production run, meaning that there should now be 1,000 new Ford GTs in ownership when the assembly line ceases operations.

Ford’s announcement comes in the wake of news revealed last month that the company will continue to participate in the IMSA WeatherTech and the World Endurance championships until at least the close of 2019, despite the racing programme only being given the go-ahead for two seasons initially.

No new Ford GT for everyone

Dave Pericak, the global director of Ford Performance, said that the aim was to maintain the new Ford GT’s ‘exclusive’ status, whilst recognising the ‘vital’ role played by the company’s most loyal customers.

He said that additional vehicles were being produced to satisfy this group of customers, although Pericak admits that not enough will be built to supply everyone who wants one.

More than 6,500 applications were received by Ford before the original run of two years began. Around 500 of these applications came from the UK.

Ford started letting successful candidates know they would be getting the new Ford GT last month and the first deliveries of the car are expected by the end of the year.

Future production plans

Thanks to the additional production time, Ford says that the car’s third production year will aim to fulfil the applications of people on the waiting list after making an original request, whilst the fourth and, potentially, final year aims to serve deferrers and would-be buyers who did not make an original application.

Applicants who put in an original request for the 2017 Ford GT but were unsuccessful in the first pass will have to update their application in order to be eligible for consideration in the second round of production.

Ford Performance flagship

The Ford GT has been hailed as the flagship vehicle in the Ford Performance line-up, with the tagline ‘innovation through Performance’. It is being built to celebrate performance, together with GT racing cars’ 50th anniversary.

Ford aims to use the car to show off its technological prowess in the form of EcoBoost performance, lightweight construction using carbon fibre, and aerodynamics. With its V6 twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre petrol power, the new Ford GT can deliver over 600 horsepower.

It marks an expansion of the Ford performance range that goes beyond the hot hatchbacks for which the name has become synonymous, such as the Ford Focus RS, the Ford Focus ST and the Ford Fiesta ST.

Its styling links it to Ford supercars from the past, including the GT40 and the GT from 2005, and it has already dominated its class whilst taking part in Le Mans 2016.

The engine is positioned to the rear of the two-seater cabin and is designed to send power to wheels at the back with the help of a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic gearbox.

The 2017 Ford GT is available in eight different colour choices, and there are different racing stripe decals to choose from. There are four interior colour options and the choice of aluminium or carbon fibre 20-inch wheels.

A place in history

The Ford GT40 is a car with an undeniable pedigree. It was built by Henry Ford and his firm to take on the Ferrari team in the Le Mans race after a failed buy-up bid. It succeeded in ending the Ferrari winning streak and taking its place in history.

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